Elk Taxidermy Shoulder Mounts

Change the Décor With a Few Elk Mounts

Showing your passion for the hunting field is easily done with a finished elk mount. These mounts offer you the right assembly to hang a trophy elk where your space allows it. Consider where it’s most convenient and how you can add to your home’s decor as you shop the eBay selection.

Are animal mounts from real hunts?

Both new and pre-owned mounts come from real kills and preserved hides. These trophy elk mounts consist of European elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, and Colorado elk to name a few. Each wild animal is hunted and then sent through a process that preserves its furs and skeletal systems. This preservation makes them appear as if theyre alive. Mounts are great for wall spaces, the theme of a cabin, or for an entertainment room where you want to have more character.

Features to consider

Affordable elk mounts are finished and made with some of these considerations:

  • Landscaping: Grasses and stones are placed unto mounts to create backdrops. The result is a recreation of the wild environment the animal came from.
  • Long-lasting: The animal hide and skull have already been cleaned and dried. There’s nothing left to decay, and the outer surfaces have been treated for that reason.
  • Wild game: Your options consist of true quadrupeds, and this results in a life-like impressions of the elk. You’ll see these animals with real, live positions in still motion.
  • Walnut mounts: Walnut is an option used to secure the animal’s head to and to attach to the wall. Oak is another option that gives you a lighter backdrop whereas walnut is dark and grainy.
  • Bulls and cows: Males and females are both available. Consider that the bulls are larger and use more space than cows.
Elk mount options

Finished elk mounts offer you options including:

  • Wood plaques: The plaque takes on shapes such as the rounded, the rectangle, the “game-head,” the “European,” and the oval.
  • Shoulder mounts: These mounts only show the animal from the head down to the shoulder.
  • Antler pairs: Antlers, as provided without the skull and body, are produced for a natural feel that you don’t need much space for.
  • Skulls: Skulls are cleaned and only offer you the bone of the animal with the option of the antlers also.
  • Trophy status: Some mounts are true trophy catches marked with 10 or more points on the antlers, larger than average sizes, and rare species.