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Creating Masterpieces With Embroidery Ribbon

Embroidery can be a fun and relaxing hobby. With its silky texture and extra width, ribbon can create very impactful, three-dimensional embroidery. To make sure your projects go as smoothly as possible, it is helpful to learn more about this fascinating material.

Should you pick silk or cotton for your project?

Silk ribbons tend to be the most enjoyable to work with, since they are soft, flexible, and easy to bend. This makes them great for beginners, since they slide through fabric with ease and can be gently molded into all sorts of shapes. The soft sheen of silk adds an elegant touch to most projects.

However, cotton also has some advantages. It is more affordable than silk, so it is easy to experiment with. Cotton comes in matte shades that can work well for some projects. Another benefit is that it is more washable than silk, so it works well for projects done on clothing. Just keep in mind that cotton may look less luxe, and it can be a little stiffer to embroider with.

Examining the different embroidery ribbon widths

The most commonly used widths for ribbon embroidery are 2mm ribbon, 4mm ribbon, and 7mm ribbon. However, you can really use just about any width you want when working with embroidery ribbon. Wider ribbons look more impactful and cover ground more quickly. However, thinner ribbons may be useful for creating detail. Keep in mind that you will need to be able to move the ribbon through your background fabric when you embroider. Therefore, if you have a tighter weave, you may need smaller ribbons.

Characteristics of common embroidery ribbon brands
  • Bucilla: This company produces silk embroidery kits, where you get a pattern, something to embroider, and all the ribbons you need for your project. It can be very helpful when you are just starting out and need plenty of guidance. They also offer some standalone silk ribbon spools.
  • Cabochon: Cabochon is known for their variety packs, where you can get 30 to 40 shades of ribbon in a single pack. This provides a versatile array of shades for multiple projects.
  • Threadart: Threadart produces embroidery ribbon spools with long lengths of ribbon. These can come in handy when you need a lot of a certain shade.
  • True Colors: Kits from True Colors are typically for embroidering cute motifs like Christmas trees or wedding rings.