Striped Extra-Long Shower Curtains

Extra-long shower curtains will help to keep your bathroom dry while providing a stylish look. Striped curtains are perfect for bathrooms because the simple, geometric pattern is interesting without looking too busy. The versatile design of striped extra-long shower curtains works well with all bathroom decor and shower or bath shapes.

What is the length of extra-long shower curtains?

Standard curtains are typically 70- or 72-inches long. Though these curtains work well for most showers, some people need extra-long shower curtains instead. Bathrooms with a higher shower rod will need a lengthier curtain to make sure it drapes properly. The most common sizes for extra-long shower curtains are 78- and 84-inches long, but you can easily find other lengths if you need a unique size.

How do you pick the right type of stripes?

When picking your curtain, try to find the style that best suits your decor needs:

  • Vertical - Vertical patterns will elongate your bathroom even more, so they are a great way to highlight tall ceilings.
  • Horizontal - This type of stripe adds extra width to your bath, so it is great for making a narrow bathroom look roomier.
  • Thin - A thin-striped curtain looks daintier, so it looks great with ruffled curtains and other feminine bathroom decor.
  • Thick - Thick stripes have a bolder visual impact. For example, thick white and dark blue stripes give a nautical look.

What are the common types of shower curtain fabric?

Each type of extra-long shower curtain fabric comes with distinct advantages. Consider these materials when trying to find the right one for your home.

  • Cotton - Cotton is a soft, natural fabric that will let a lot of light into your shower. These cotton bath products are typically colorful.
  • Plastic - The big advantage of extra-long shower curtains made of plastic is that you do not have to add a liner.
  • Polyester - Polyester is a very durable fabric, and it tends to be mildew and wrinkle resistant.

How do you determine the shower curtain length you need?

To find the perfect sizes for your home, follow these instructions.

  • Measure your shower or bath - Find the distance from the bottom of your shower bar to the floor.
  • Pick your shower rings - Figure out if you are going to use hooks, rings, tabs, or other fastening devices to attach your curtains to the shower rod.
  • Do a little math - Subtract the length of your rings and two additional inches from the distance between the rod and floor. This will give you the ideal size for your shower curtains.