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Eyeglass Cases

An eyeglass case keeps your glasses safe and secure while you're on the go. Designed for use with products from various eyeglass manufacturers, these eyeglass cases come in different designs and styles. You'll find hard glasses cases that offer more protection and pouches for glasses and sunglasses, too.

What types of cases are there?

The three main types of glasses cases include hard and soft glasses cases as well as pouches. All three offer some benefits if you want to protect your eyeglasses or sunglasses.

  • Hard cases: A hard eyeglass case is one that has a harder material on the outside of the case. There is usually some type of hinge that helps it open smoothly. This hinge keeps the glasses case from accidentally coming open, too. Many of these eyewear accessories come with a smooth lining inside to keep your glasses safe from scratches.
  • Soft cases: A case like this is made from neoprene, leather, or a similar material. These are easier to carry than hard models and tend to look more decorative. These cases also feature a soft lining to prevent scratches.
  • Pouches: Pouches are similar to the eyeglass cases that you might get from your optometrist. Some feature a snap on the top that you can press down to lock your glasses inside. Some eyeglass products may come with space for money or cards, too.
What are designer cases?

Designer glasses cases are those that come from specific designers. Even those who do not make eyewear may sell cases to go along with the sunglasses they make. You'll find eyewear products and glasses cases that have designer logos and names prominently displayed on the front.

What features should you consider?

When buying accessories like an eyeglass case, you should consider features like overall size. Oversized sunglasses will not fit inside some pouches or harder cases. Trying to make those glasses fit might result in you breaking the earpieces or scratching your lenses. You also need to consider the overall weight of the eyeglass case. Eyeglass products that are heavier are harder to carry. This is especially true of hard-shell models.

Another helpful feature is a zipper that runs the length of the case, especially when it comes to pouches or soft cases. Some companies offer eyeglass cases with a zipper that runs along two or more sides. You can zip it closed to keep your glasses from falling out and unzip the case to grab your sunglasses.

What else comes with eyeglass cases?

Eyeglass cases and those designed for sunglasses may come with some additional items, like a cleaning kit. These kits come with a cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth that won't scratch your eyewear lenses. The solution won't damage your sunglasses in any way and is safe to use on glass and plastic. Some sets designed for glasses come with a repair kit, as well. An eyeglass repair kit features a small screwdriver, extra screws, spare nose guards, and other tools. You can also use the kit to repair sunglasses.