How to Pick Family Games for the PS1

The first generation of the PlayStation console was introduced to gamers in 1995, and along with it came many types of games for all ages to play. When youre selecting games for kids and young family members to play, it helps to know more about the types that are available and how to select an age-appropriate title that makes playing safe, fun, and enjoyable.

What Are Some Game Genres?

Fortunately for kids, there are numerous genres of games to keep them engaged while playing with their Sony system. Gaming isnt just for fun, as there are games that combine learning with entertainment to provide kids with education as well as excitement.

  • Educational games mix learning with other features, like problem-solving, puzzles, or critical thinking. Though there are games that are meant solely for educational purposes, many of these also let kids have fun while they happen to be learning new information or developing important skills.
  • Action and adventure games take kids on a journey, giving them missions, obstacles, or puzzles in order to complete an end objective.
  • Platformer games, also called side-scrollers, go from left to right and let kids jump, run, leap, and fight to get to continue a storyline while balancing obstacles along the way.

What Are Some PS1 Titles?

Though there were numerous video games made for the first PlayStation console, there are a few titles that stand out that are both family-friendly and so entertaining parents enjoy getting in on the action too.

  • A platformer game for the entire family, Spyro the Dragon came out in 1998. This title takes kids through a medieval kingdom as Spyro, a purple dragon who goes on an epic adventure. Through his adventures, he must defeat enemies and rescue friends.
  • Released in 1996, Crash Bandicoot is a fast-paced game that sets Crash up against his enemy, Doctor Neo Cortex, and players have to keep Cortex from taking over the world. The video game enjoyed commercial success and amassed a large following in the years since its release.
  • For very young players, a title starring a beloved character is not only age-appropriate but not as difficult to play or understand as video games for older kids. Bear in the Big Blue House, based on the television show, is one of these and lets little gamers solve puzzles and color.

How Do You Choose a Kid-Friendly Game?

Before you select a PlayStation title thats kid-friendly, there are a few considerations to weigh.

  • Check the ESRB Rating, which is the rating given to every video game to let parents know for which age range the game is appropriate. Most video games that the entire family can play are rated E, which stands for Everyone.
  • Decide whether the video game is too difficult for younger kids or investigate whether video games have ways to adjust the level of difficulty of gameplay.
  • Pick a video game with multiple-player compatibility for kids to play together.

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