Fine Diamond Necklaces & Pendants

Fine Diamond Necklaces and Pendants Are Classic Accessories

There is nothing that makes a classic fashion statement better than a diamond necklace. No matter the style or the type of metal, a diamond necklace will go with any outfit that you wear and will be perfect for any occasion you attend. A beautiful long or short diamond necklace will naturally make you feel confident, and you can find new and used accessories on eBay.

What styles of diamond necklaces are there?

There are three main styles of diamond necklaces that are all beautiful choices of adornment. They can be designed in a single style or in any combination of these types:

  • Station necklace - A diamond station necklace has diamonds that sit along a chain in stations and is sometimes called a diamonds-by-the-yard necklace.
  • Pendant necklace - A diamond pendant necklace is a necklace that has single or multiple diamonds that dangle from a chain.
  • Diamond chain necklace - The diamonds-on-a-chain necklace is the actual necklace itself, with the diamonds forming a chain.
Types of diamond settings

Whether your diamonds are placed in station, pendant, or are chain necklaces, they can also come in a variety of cuts. The cuts of gemstones, including diamonds, can be in a myriad of styles, including:

  • Round brilliant - These tones have many tiny facets in a round stone.
  • Princess - Princess diamonds have distinct colors in each of the corners as well as in the center, and they can be square or rectangular.
  • Marquise - The marquise is a unique shape that is a slender oval.
  • Cushion - The cushion cut is a pillow-shaped stone with rounded corners and large facets.
  • Emerald - The emerald cut has rectangular facets cut into a rectangular stone.
  • Radiant - Radiant stones have uniquely trimmed corners that combine the shape of an emerald cut with the brilliance of a round diamond.
  • Pear shaped - Pear-shaped diamonds combine round and marquise cuts in a teardrop stone.
  • Oval - An oval cut has tons of tiny facets that are similar to the round brilliant.
  • Asscher - Similar to an emerald cut, the asscher is square instead of rectangular.
What metals can you get diamond necklaces in?

You can get a diamond station necklace in white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. Other popular metals are platinum and sterling silver, and palladium has been gaining use in fine jewelry. Platinum, palladium, and gold station necklaces are the most expensive station necklaces, with silver being the least expensive.