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Fishing Lights

As many good fishermen may know, some of the best fishing is done at night. However, if its dark, how are you going to see what you are doing? Fishing lights are a great way to add light in an otherwise dark environment and are also an excellent way to attract fish around your boat. Using lights when night fishing attracts zooplankton, which then brings bait fish such as herring and minnows. This then attracts those larger fish that you want to be catching such as bass, marlin and snapper, basically like a chain reaction. When these larger fish are coming in near your boat, its an ideal time to get your line in the water to get a good catch. LED lights often go with white or green light.

What Kind of Fishing Lights Are There?

There are a few different kinds of fishing lights available to use when night fishing. These include:

  • Floating lights: These lights are buoyant in the water and usually require a 12 volt power supply. They are safe to use as they have an insulated cord, safety fuse and sealed bulb.
  • Submersible lights: Submersible lights are great underwater fishing lights that come in a waterproof housing. As they are submersible, they are able to sink below the surface due to the attached weights and will attract fish that are deeper underwater.
  • Combination lights: Combination lights combine floating and submersible lights to bring you greater chance of attracting fish. These bring in fish at different levels in the water and the lighting above the surface can aid you when adding bait and hooks to your line.
  • Black lights: These lights illuminate fluorescent monofilament, which is more visible over a wider distance than other lights. When the ultraviolet lights are on, you can watch for any movement as rods with fluorescent tips will grow brightly under the light.

How Can I Make the Most of Night time Fishing?

Being prepared for your night fishing trip is important to ensure success and comfort.

  • Boat setup: Make sure you organized your boat well, with everything that you are going to need on hand. While you are not going to want bright lights all over the boat, ensure that you have torches or lanterns and that the most important things are within reach. Its a good idea to get your boat prepared before you leave the dock to head out on the water.
  • Clothing and food: Nights can get chilly and so bring with you enough warm clothing to be comfortable throughout the night. Food and water is also very important to keep you energized for pulling in those big catches.
  • Flares and radio: Check that your radio is working and that you have flares on board in case of emergency. You never know when you might need them while out fishing.

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