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Enhance Your Vehicle's Audio with a Focal Car Component Speaker System

Focal-JMLab is a French consumer electronics corporation. This company primarily produces speakers for cars, including ones designed for a variety of different vehicles.

What are component speakers by Focal?

Most types of speakers used in cars only play audio within a certain range. Subwoofers play sound in the low-frequency range, and tweeters play high-pitched audio. The types of speakers offered by Focal, however, produce sound that covers all of the different high and low ranges.

These devices contain drivers that produce low and high frequencies while still differentiating between the two. They are usually quite small, which means that they can be installed in different locations within a vehicle. They contain foam cones, and they come in a variety of colors. Some of these devices combine the subwoofer and the tweeter within one speaker while others have a separate tweeter that is installed in a secondary location.

What are the features of different component speakers?

Each of the speaker models offered by Focal has distinctive features. You can find a Focal speaker setup that will work for you by comparing the following features:

  • Size: Speakers vary widely in size. Some models only measure 4 inches across while other models can be as much as 6.5 inches wide.
  • Power draw: Power draw also varies from model to model. Standard power draw is approximately 120 watts, but different models may draw as little as 80 watts or as much as 180 watts.
  • Cone type: Many of the models created by Focal include Kevlar cones. Kevlar is a tensile material that is frequently used in military applications. Kevlar cones are designed to be highly durable.
  • Impedance: Impedance is measured in ohms. This measurement refers to the level at which an audio device throttles incoming electricity. Lower ohm ratings entail louder sound. Most offerings from Focal are rated at 2 or 4 ohms.
How do you install speakers made by this brand?

After you've chosen a Focal sound system that fits your needs, follow these steps to install your system in your vehicle:

  • Removal: The existing sound devices must be disengaged from your vehicle. This is usually accomplished by removing screws and pulling the devices outward.
  • Disconnection: Unplug the old sound devices and set them aside. Connect the electrical leads to the replacement devices, and insert them into the appropriate locations.
  • Security: Place the replacement devices in the vehicle with the provided screws, tightening them for security, and then turn on your audio system.
  • Test: Check the sound to make sure that your speakers are functioning properly.
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