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Fossil Women's Wallets

Fossil is a renowned American brand that specializes in fashion design, selling accessories from leather wallets and bags to watches and sunglasses, and the brand also partners with a large number of other popular brands, including adidas and Kate Spade. Women's wallets are one of Fossil's popular items known for their one-of-a-kind designs. There are many options available, making it possible for anybody can find a wallet to suit their style and storage needs.

What are Fossil wallets made of?

Most women's Fossil wallets are created using genuine leather. Other varieties offered are made of PVC, which is a commonly used flexible, synthetic plastic that is sometimes designed to closely resemble leather. The interior compartments are most commonly made with polyester, leather, twill, RFID lining, or cotton.

What is an RFID wallet?

Fossil makes a large variety of RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, wallets. These RFID products are designed to protect debit and credit cards that carry an RFID chip by preventing unwarranted scanning of these important items. While in an RFID wallet that is closed properly with the flap or zipper, the inner contents are protected from scanning by the specialized lining shields. Fossil offers various RFID clutches, wallets, mini wallets, card cases, and smartphone pouches in the wallet category.

How do you care for a leather wallet?

To keep a leather wallet in tip-top shape, it is important to care for it properly to prevent wear and tear and prolong its usable life. While leather is known for being long-lasting, frequent exposure to water and direct sunlight will cause it to stain, result in cracks in the leather, and cause the colors to fade substantially. To clean it, gently wipe with a soft dry cloth or a slightly damp one.

What is the difference between a clutch and a wallet?

While Fossil offers both women's clutches and wallets that may look similar, there are a few differences to consider that could suit different needs. They offer these varieties of both clutches and wallets in many colors, materials, and with numerous unique features.

  • Clutch: Clutches are generally bigger than typical wallets, offering plenty of space to hold larger items like a smartphone, small camera, and personal items. A Fossil clutch typically has a couple large compartments and a smaller interior pouch or slots for cards.
  • Wallet: Wallets are smaller than a clutch and are designed to hold cash, cards, and other small items but they often lack the large center compartment. Fossil offers numerous mini wallets that are extra compact, fitting only the essential cards with the ability to fit snugly in a pocket.
What is a card case for?

Fossil offers many card case wallets that make it very simple to sort and store credit cards and other cards in its minimalist design. These small wallets are easy to take anywhere due to their compact size and typically have two mini compartments ideal for carrying the essentials. Most are closed with a zipper, as opposed to a flap or tab, to keep the contents in place and safe.