Freightliner Commercial Truck Parts

There are two main types of Freightliner trucks: the class 8 diesel trucks and the class 5-7 trucks. To keep these trucks running right, they need to be equipped with the high-quality functioning parts. With a wide selection of freightliner commercial truck parts, you can find what you need for your particular truck.

How do you select parts compatible with your Freightliner truck?

Because Freightliner trucks range from medium duty trucks to natural gas trucks, its always best to choose parts designed for a specific truck model. If a bumper is designed to fit a Cascadia, for example, it may not be compatible with a Coronado. There are many Freightliner truck parts available for the following trucks:

  • Classic
  • FLD
  • FLB
  • Century
  • Cascadia
  • Coronado
  • Columbia
  • M2 Models
What exterior parts are commonly available for Freightliner trucks?

There are many Freightliner truck parts and accessories designed to enhance the look and function of these commercial trucks. They include:

  • Grill Deflectors: These deflectors are mounted behind the grille bezel and keep the grille safe from road debris.
  • Fender Guards: These guards help to protect the fenders from inevitable wear and tear.
  • Hoods: When a truck hood gets dented or damaged, replacement hoods can be found. High-quality options are built to last; theyre treated with anti-corrosion coatings and typically have excellent insulation.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors are easy to damage. There are many replacement mirror components, including mirror covers, heated mirrors, brackets, and spot mirrors.
  • Headlights: When drivers need new headlights for their Freightliner vehicle, they can be found individually and as sets. Bulb options include halogen and LED.
What sorts of interior truck parts and accessories are available?

Freightliner drivers can also find a wide range of performance-boosting interior truck parts, such as:

  • Coolant Parts: Coolant parts include temperature sensors, coolant reservoirs, and coolant pipes.
  • Fuel Delivery Parts: To ensure efficient fuel economy in a Freightliner vehicle, its important to have high-quality fuel delivery components, such as fuel injection pumps, EGR valves, engine oil coolers, and heavy duty fuel senders.
  • Radiator Parts: Radiators and oil coolers are found for a wide array of Freightliner models, ranging from the Columbia to the FL50.
  • Brake Parts: The brake system should be serviced regularly on every Freightliner model. Common Freightliner truck parts for this system include brake sensors, valves, cables, pads, and drums.
Whats the difference between OEM and aftermarket truck parts?

When searching for Freightliner truck parts, drivers will find two options: OEM truck parts and aftermarket truck parts. Original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts are native to Freightliner vehicles. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are manufactured by a different company but may still be compatible with various Freightliner vehicles, and offer the same standard of performance.