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Gaerne Motorcycle Boots

Gaerne has been designing and selling motocross boots for more than 50 years. The Italian-made boots are equipped with features designed to protect the rider without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.

What features do Gaerne motocross boots have?

Motocross boots by Gaerne are distinguished by the unique technology the company uses to ensure that each boot meets their standards of quality. These features include:

  • Dual-Stage Pivot System: This shock-absorbing multi-purpose system provides lateral support, holds the boot upper in the right position, and helps to keep the foot in a natural position.
  • Heat-resistant inner grip guards: Gaerne equips their motocross boots with heat-resistant features designed to protect the legs from high temperatures.
  • Thermoplastic shin guards: These anatomically shaped shin guards are adjustable, which allows them to expand to fit larger calf circumferences.
  • Adjustable buckle system: Gaerne equips each pair of motorcycle boots with an in-and-out system of four adjustable alloy buckles that also play a role in the boots ability to expand.
  • Shock-absorbing components: The boots are outfitted with multiple shock-absorbing features such as heel cups that are built to absorb the shock sustained from rear compression and molded footbeds that provide additional support.
  • Waterproofing: Several of Gaernes boots utilize Gore-Tex technology in the inner lining to provide waterproofing.
What are Gaerne motorcycle boots made of?

Gaerne boots are made from a range of diverse materials, including:

  • Rubber: Gaerne motocross boots have dual-composite soles made of anti-shock rubber that is designed to protect the rider from heat exposure.
  • Acronos: This Swiss breathable fabric is used to construct the gaiter of each boot. It is designed to be stretchy but also but sturdy enough to protect the leg from debris.
  • Steel: These boots have steel toe caps. The toe boxes are constructed to be slim and sturdy so that riders can enjoy greater control over the bike levers.
  • Memory Cell Foam lining: Gaerne boots are lined with memory cell foam that conforms to the feet, giving riders a customized fit.
What boot sizes does Gaerne offer?

Gaerne boots are available in mens sizes ranging from 8-14. Because Gaerne is an Italian company, sizes are sometimes listed in accordance with European sizing guidelines. Gaerne also makes youth boots, which come in sizes ranging from 1-6.

What colors of motocross boots are available?

Gaerne designs multiple boot styles in the following colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Multi-colored
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