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Tuning up the Turntable

For any older record player or turntable, there are some parts that break or crack due to overuse and age. Being able to find parts that specifically fit your Garrard turntable can quickly bring it back to the beautiful musical instrument it once was. Because of their delicate nature, the tonearm of these phonographs or record players, was easy to damage, along with all the other pieces it connects to. 

What Are Some Reasons for Changing out Your Headshell?

  • Broken. A headshell is one of the parts of a turntable that can easily break or become damaged. The reason being is because it covers and sits on top of the cartridge, which is the main component that houses the stylus that plays the music. Unless the tonearm is automatic, the person controlling the player is constantly holding, pulling, or tugging at the headshell to move it into and out of position. Along with moving the device itself, there are several factors that could necessitate fixing a headshell on an older record player.
  • Cartridge Missing. Because the cartridge attaches to the headshell, it was not uncommon that these two pieces unhinge and split apart. Some of the vintage Garrard turntable pieces have unique attachments and only fit with specific makes and models. You might have to switch out your entire headshell to be able to fit a new cartridge as well.
  • Preservation. If you found or have a vintage turntable, you may be interested in restoring it back to how it once was or to be able to have it play your old records. The tonearm is one of the most easily breakable pieces on one of these devices because it sticks out and moves. If you have a turntable that is several years old, mechanics like that along with the headshell and cartridge can wear down, warp, rust, crack and become damage. To fully preserve these vintage machines, you may need to swap out some of the mechanics to bring it back to its full glory.

What Are Other Options for Fixing Your Vintage Turntable?

  • Repair Kits. Sometimes, once you've taken apart your vintage device, you've discovered that multiple parts have damage or you're doing a full overhaul of the entire unit. Repair kits make it easy and effortless to change out the old or broken pieces with fully functional pieces that package all together. These kits have everything you need without having to track down multiple pieces or hard to find items.
  • Wires. Wires individually sell because of how delicate they are and over time through wear and tear, they can easily rip or stop working. All you may need to have your stereo up and running is a better connection through an upgraded or new wire. 
  • Cartridge. Cartridges are a main feature of any turntable and tonearm. These little devices house the stylus also known as the needle that skips over the record, reading the notes to play. It is quite common, because of the mechanics that these little boxes house, for the cartridges to become damaged. For quality audio, a new and fully functioning cartridge is key.