Georg Jensen antiguos de plata esterlina-EE. UU. conjuntos de cactus

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Find Stylish Georg Jensen Antique US Sterling Silver Flatware Cactus Sets

Silversmith Georg Jensen crafted many sets of fine flatware in a cactus pattern. If you want to update your dinnerware with some classic pieces from this maker, you can find affordable Georg Jensen antique US sterling silver flatware cactus sets for sale on eBay. Exploring some of the types of sets you can get from Georg Jensen and their design elements can help you find the US sterling silver flatware that matches your tastes or decor.

Can you purchase vintage Georg Jensen flatware with other materials?

Yes, some of the Georg Jensen antique US sterling silver flatware cactus sets that you can find for sale on eBay might include additional components or materials. These designs from Georg Jensen may provide some unique textures or appearances that you can use to complement other dinnerware in your collection. Some unused and pre-owned Georg Jensen antique US sterling silver flatware cactus sets in good condition that might include that might use additional materials include salad serving forks and spoons that contain teak or olive wood. These designs may have stains on them to give them particular finishes or to offer a protective coating for the wood.

Choosing designs for Georg Jensen flatware cactus sets

The cactus pattern will be present in all the Georg Jensen US sterling silver sets that you come across on this section of eBay, but there are some elements of the design that you can choose. You may wish to purchase several sets of sterling silver flatware from Georg Jensen to get some antique pieces in decent condition that have various markings. In most cases, the different marks you will find on vintage Georg Jensen US flatware with cactus patterns relate to the brand signatures he used as a maker during various periods of production. You can look at these markings to determine the decades in which Georg Jensen forged some of his antique US cactus flatware.

Selecting individual pieces in Georg Jensen cactus flatware sets

You can find different sets of US antique sterling silver flatware from Georg Jensen for sale on eBay. Each unused or secondhand set with a cactus pattern may have a variety of flatware pieces that you can use for serving or dining. Here are just a few of your options:

  • Salad - Salad sterling silver cactus sets usually include a serving fork and spoon.
  • Carving - An antique US Georg Jensen cactus set for carving has a knife and a two-pronged fork.
  • Full - You can get a full vintage Georg Jensen sterling silver set with enough pieces for six guests.
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