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GPP SIM: Definition and Benefits

iPhone users who found themselves tied to a contract but wanted to explore other service providers are the main target of GPP sim manufacturers. This SIM-like chip works by bypassing network restrictions when activating your smartphone. It is a must for businessmen, backpackers, and other frequent travelers who opt to use local mobile service providers instead of enrolling into a roaming service.

What is a GPP SIM?

A GPP SIM is a chip used mostly on iPhone smartphones to cloak the identity of your device, so you can override limitations set by the network provider and Apple. A technology that comes from China, its design mimics that of a normal SIM card. It is placed on top of the SIM card provided by your new mobile service provider. It works by tricking Apple servers responsible for activating new iPhones to believe that you are still using the network that originally issued the device.

How do you use a GPP sIM?

Using this method to unlock your device is easy. The process is the same as when you are inserting a SIM card into your new iPhone. You just need your new SIM card and have it placed on top of the GPP SIM. After inserting it on the SIM tray, you should proceed on the usual activation process that normally goes with having a new phone.

Can a GPP sIM work on any iPhone?

Yes, it was designed to work with any iPhone model. Given that the chip is only attached to the SIM card provided by your network provider, it should work on any device that accepts sim cards. If you are concerned if it is compatible with the iOS version your phone is running, this unlocking method is not specific on the software version installed on your device. The following Apple products were tested and proven to work with this technology:

  • All models included in iPhone 5 series
  • iPhone 6 and 6s
  • The regular iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
How can you make the most of using a GPP SIM?

A GPP sim is a useful tool for those who wants to make the most of their Apple smartphones. It allows you to choose a provider without the trouble of hurdling through the process of unlocking the device with your original provider. Knowing all its advantages and disadvantages will make it easier for you to use this technology with your iPhone.