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Film Holder Accessories by Graflex for Cameras

Graflex film holder products are designed for cameras that use traditional film. These units are manufactured in a variety of sizes, and many options that fit on a camera have neutral color schemes. Film holder products that dont mount on a camera are also options; these accessories are engineered with strategic layout configurations that suit general photography products.

What are the product type options?

Holder accessories are built in different styles for a variety of film products. The main product types include:

  • Cut film holders - Cut film holder accessories are made out of wood. These accessories require a power source, so most products will include an adapter. Because the frame is wooden, other components are used on the layout, such as hinge tape and joints. Besides wood, a typical holder may also have supportive elements that are constructed out of metal or plastic.
  • Dark slide sheet holders - Dark slide holders are designed with a traditional layout and in a double dark slide format. These units are also constructed out of wood, and the frame is cut in traditional and large sizes.
  • Film holder adapters - Film holder adapters are manufactured with a frame thats 4 by 5 inches. You can use these accessories with an average roll film holder.
  • Multi-sheet holders - Multi-sheet units can hold many rolls of film. These products can provide benefits for large photography projects.
  • Roll film backs - Roll film backs are compact and have a design scheme that features a plastic housing material with leather elements. Each product has a lever that rotates while mounted on the housing.
How does a wooden holder protect film?

Wooden film holders have various chambers that keep harsh environmental elements away from the film. A typical wooden holder option is large, so you can store multiple film products in different sections without worrying about space. On the center of the design scheme, there is a dark coating thats attached to the frame; this design element blocks light that can harm delicate film after its stored away.

How does a holder with an adapter protect film?

Holders that rely on an adapter protect film while its placed in a camera. You can use one of these products when a replacement component is needed after the factory housing is damaged. These units block sunlight, heat, dust, and other elements that can harm film throughout the shooting process. When both options are used, you can protect the film before and after photos are taken to prevent losing that special film of your latest outing.

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