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Graflex Film Backs and Holders

If you work with vintage camera models, a film holder from Graflex may be able to keep your sheets of film stable and unexposed until you are ready to insert them into the camera. There are several types of Graflex camera film holders available for purchase. Each model is made according to different specifications, so its a good idea to get a look at some of the most common ones.

How do Graflex film holders work?

Graflex film holders are devices that contain your sheets of film in their unexposed form until you are ready to put them into your camera for use. They may also be called double dark slide or dark slide units. These enclosures are shaped like wide, flat rectangles that are slightly larger than the sheets of film they are meant to hold. When you are ready to put some film into your camera, you will slide this backing device into it. Once it is there, you will pull back the dark slide so the film can be exposed. After you have taken the photos you desire, you will need to reinsert the dark slide to protect the exposures until it is ready for processing.

What are the features of the Graflex 23 Graphic?

This model contains the following specifications and features.

  • The Graflex \"23\" Graphic 8 will hold sheets meant for 2-inch x 3-inch small photographs.
  • It is black in color and includes the \"23\" Graphic name printed on the slide.
  • A silver metal clasp holds the back of the device closed to preserve the film until you are ready to expose it.
  • It includes a lever for removing the backing slide and a dial to adjust the exposures.
What are the features of the Grafmatic?

The Grafmatic has the following specifications.

  • It is a \"45\" exposure holder. Although it is similar to the Graflex \"23\" in appearance, it is larger.
  • The device holds sheets meant for 4-inch x 5-inch photographs.
  • It features a clasp and a recessed dial for adjustments.
How do film backing panels work?

The company also makes panels of ground glass or other materials. You can use these backers to bring graphics and images into sharper focus. A screen like this acts as a diffuser to scatter any light particles passing through it. This effect allows you to bring images into sharper focus for your camera by adjusting the device. Youll make these adjustments by twisting a dial on the panel. Using a Graflex panel in conjunction with a holder may allow you to bring photographic subjects into sharper relief before you take any pictures with your camera. Most Graflex back adapters attach to view cameras, and you can choose the adapter that matches the dimensions of your camera.

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