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Gun Parts for Mossberg

Gun Parts for Mossberg

Mossberg is a manufacturer of pump action, semi-automatic, and bolt action shotguns. Their gun parts are recommended for tactical situations, and they include ergonomic stocks, tactical scopes, and various types of barrels and heat shields. Their diverse collection of products can meet a variety of needs when it comes to gun parts.

What should you consider when buying ammo for Mossberg shotguns?

Make sure you have the right kind of ammo for your Mossberg gun before loading it for the first time. Certain types of ammo, when used in higher-gauge guns, can necessitate upgrade parts, such as a more ergonomic stock, in order to better absorb recoil. Here are some important considerations when picking ammo:

  • What type of choke system do you have?
  • What type of tubes are installed?
  • What type of stock is installed?
  • Does your gun take steel or lead shot?
  • What gauge is your shotgun?
Can all barrels handle steel shot?

Only certain models with the Accu-Mag or Accu-Choke choke tube system with proper tubing parts installed will be capable of handling steel shot. If you load steel shot into a shotgun that can’t handle it, there may be risks involved.

What mounts should you use on your shotgun?

While other mounts may be compatible, Mossberg recommends either their Picatinny rail or the Weaver 417M for mounting scopes or other gadgets onto your shotgun. The Picatinny rail is designed for red dot and iron sights, while the Weaver 417M is designed for longer, larger scopes and other heavy-upgrade parts. Leupold is one of a handful of companies that manufactures rails and other parts for Mossberg rifles, too.

What other accessories are available for the Mossberg shotgun?

Since Mossberg manufactures both shotguns and rifles, there exists a wide variety of available parts for Mossberg firearms. Various brands manufacture all sorts of different accessories; whether you’re looking for a scope for your gun, rails, a hard or soft case, or a custom stock with a pistol grip, the brand offers multiple options.

  • Custom stocks and grips
  • Varying sizes and shapes of cases
  • Mounting rails for any scope or sight
  • Speed bolt handles
  • Heat shield barrel shrouds
What is the magazine size of the Mossberg 9200?

Whether you’re loading the 9200A model (auto-loading) or the traditional Mossberg 9200 shotgun, the magazine will admit four 12-gauge shells. However, these models also admit an additional shell in the chamber. Remember to only load the ammo that’s right for your barrel.

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