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Gun Parts for Thompson Center

Gun Parts for Thompson Center

Since 1965, Thompson Center and Smith & Wesson have worked together to bring a line of rifles, handguns, and shotguns. You can find the barrel and breech plug for your Black Diamond muzzleloader as well as grips, stocks, sights, and safety accessories for your pistol. When youre ready to upgrade or change the appearance of your weapon, come look at the gun accessories and find one that matches your model.

What size barrels are available for the Contender?

The Contender model is a blend of a pistol and a rifle and features the option of changing barrels and the stocks when you are changing the weapon. There are different sizes for each caliber. The 0.30-30 WIN caliber uses a 23-inch barrel. You will find a 12-inch barrel with both the 0.357 magnum caliber as well as the 0.22 caliber LR.

What materials are in the items for the Black Diamond?

The loading barrel of the Black Diamond in-line muzzleloader rifle is a chrome alloy steel. You will often find this part is blued. Your Black Diamonds stock will feature either black composite materials or a blued hardwood. The rear sight is made of steel. Do not forget your stainless steel breech plug. The Black Diamonds breech plug can be replaced. The breech plugs bolt can simply be screwed into the Black Diamond and removed.

What items are necessary to replace the triggers?

In addition to the assembly itself, you will need a variety of springs for triggering, sear, and other releases. These springs are lightweight and small. An optional accessory for the Contender or other pistols assembly is a safety, which helps prevent accidental discharge when holstered or handled. While replacing this critical item, do not forget to check the housing for signs of corrosion or excessive wear and tear. This part can be replaced while replacing the rest of the assembly.

Are there other miscellaneous items for the guns?

The forend, grips, rails, and scopes are all options you can use for the rifles. Your specific model will determine which sizes you can use. The grips for your Thompson Center weapon will usually be made of a smooth wood or acrylic material. If you have a preference, you can choose between textured or smooth. Your scope will often be made of stainless steel. Make sure you choose a compatible rail for your optical accessories. The rails can often be mounted to the stock using screws and a small drill. Another item available for the rifle is the ramrod. It is available in a 23 3/4 inches and a 27-inch length depending on the size of your rifle. The ramrod is made of alloy metal.

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