Halo Dog Food

Halo dog food takes a more natural approach to feeding your pet. They don't source their ingredients from factories or animals treated with chemicals or antibiotics, and the brand uses non-genetically modified fruits and vegetables. They also use only real meat in their pet food, which can be better for your pet's diet and digestion.

What is in Halo food?

Halo food is made purely of meat and does not contain meat meal. Meat meal is the factory remnants of processed meat, typically the fatty acids and ingredients that aren't edible for humans. Ingredients in Halo Dog Food can include beef, lamb, lamb liver, wild salmon, chicken, chicken liver, surf and turf, and a turkey, duck, and pheasant combination. Vegetarian options are also available, and ingredients include a garden medley with sweet potatoes, pearled barley, and a pea protein, plus a peanut and pumpkin combination.

What kind of products does Halo pet food have?

Halo pet food has products for both dogs and cats, including puppies and kittens. They also have treats and special recipes for seniors. Their dog food brands are divided between dry food and wet food. You can select a Halo product based on its content and your pet's requirements. Halo products include:

  • Small breed pet food that is formulated for small breed dogs that weight less than 20 pounds.
  • Vegan dog food that contains no meat or meat by-products.
  • Healthy Weight dog food for pets who need to consume fewer calories.
  • Grain-free dog food is for pets with gluten or grain sensitivities or allergies.
What is Halo Spot dog food?

Halo Spot is a line of dry food. There are six different formulations for adult dogs, including two that are geared toward small breed and one brand for puppies that’s intended to promote growth. Each of the Halo Spot brands is composed of a natural stew recipe.

What is unique about Halo products?

Halo says, "The Proof is in the Poop." They claim you can feed your pets a little less when you serve their food. They say that’s because their content is easier to digest and more nutrients are absorbed in the digestive tract from their food, resulting in an overall healthier pet.

Where does the name Halo come from?

The company believes every animal has a halo over its head. They want pets being cared for to have better care and nutrition. They also only use farm-raised animals that are brought up with the same standards.