Handheld/Outdoors Car GPS Units

How to Find Your Next Handheld/Outdoor Portable GPS Unit

Handheld GPS units are compact and can easily be taken with you wherever you need them. These units can also be used in your car. Having a personal GPS device can work well for travel so you dont have to worry about getting lost when visiting an unfamiliar area.

What are features to look for when choosing GPS units?

These portable GPS devices have different features that make them more functional depending on how you plan to use them. The following is some information on the optional features that can help you choose the handheld GPS unit that meets your needs.

  • Waterproof - Unit can be used in all types of weather, ideal for hiking or backwoods camping
  • Geocaching mode - Helps you keep up with your geocache locations and finds
  • Lifetime map updates - GPS will automatically update the maps for the life of the unit
  • Area calculation - Measures area on the map for accurate distance
  • Color screen - Can make it easier to see small details
What types of handheld/outdoor portable GPS units are available?

There are several different styles and brands of handheld GPS units available on eBay. Some are specifically designed to be used outdoors in the elements while others are better used as a car GPS unit. It can be helpful to read the product description to find the right handheld GPS unit for your needs based on the available features.

Are these units rechargeable or do they require batteries?

Most handheld portable GPS units use batteries. The most common size of batteries used in these units is AA. Many of the units can use rechargeable batteries which can help you save money on buying disposable batteries. There are a few units that can be charged and these will usually include the required charging cable.

Can I install one of the GPS units in my car?

Many of these GPS units are designed to be used in your car as a navigational tool. Most can be installed using a brand specific or universal mount designed to fit that particular size of GPS device. The installation process for the GPS unit in your car is quite simple. Most mounts are designed to attach to your dash with ease. They require no special tools or knowledge. Once you have the mount installed in your car, you can fit your GPS unit in the mount. The benefit of this type of installation is that you can easily remove the GPS unit for use outdoors as needed.