Heathkit UHF transceptores para radioaficionados

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What is a Transceiver and What Does it Do?

A transceiver is a device that both sends and receives radio signals. If you want to talk to amateurs in your local area of about 2 meters (144 MHz) FM radio might suit your needs, a good example is a single side band (SSB)radio. However, to be able to talk to people around the world you will need to get an HF transceiver. Basically, this transmits on all the amateurbands from 160m (1.8 MHz), 10m (28 MHz), and often 6m (50 MHz). A transceiver combines both a receiver and transmitter in one box.

What Are the Features to Consider When Choosing an Amateur Transceiver Radio?

  • Performance: This is a prime consideration. Performance is obviously good to have;however, it is worth stopping to think whether the level of performance will actually work in whatever location you use the radio transceiver.
  • Power output: The power output can be a key issue. For base station and some mobile HF transceivers, a power output of around 100 watts peak envelope power is normal. Some of the top line transceivers have higher power levels than this, but normally for reaching the full power output of 400 watts in some countries or kilowatts in other countries, a linear amplifier is a common choice.
  • Size: It is often possible to have a very compact radio station that delivers well. However, a large with an easy-to-read display characters is aplus.

What Are the Features of Heathkit HF Radio Transceivers?

  • Power supply: These provides the necessary electrical power to operate the transceiver.
  • Audio Amplifier: This amplifies the weak signal coming from a detector so that one can hear it. These transceivers come with additional filtering and tuning circuits to better lock on to the intended frequency.
  • Antenna: Captures the radio waves. Typically, the antenna is simply a length of wire. When this wire exposes to radio waves, the waves induce a very small alternating current in the antenna.

What Are the Different Built-In Call Modes in Heathkit HW Radios?

  • Selective Call: Makes it possible to place calls to a group or an individual using an assigned ID for each transceiver for private calling.
  • Beacon Request Call: This helps to check signal quality between transceivers before placing a selective call to verify if a call can be placed
  • Message Call: Youre able to send text messages of up to 64 characters to another transceiver for expanded communication options.
  • Telephone Call: You can make calls through telephone interconnect service to expand contact to individuals via phone.

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