Find Heavy Equipment Flail Mowers for Heavy Jobs

When you've got tough grass and weeds to deal with, you may need more than just a regular mower. Heavy equipment flail mowers are attachments that fit right onto your tractor and can take on any tough grass or weeds needing cutting. When you're ready to buy, check out the affordable selection of them on eBay. What features come with heavy equipment flail mowers?

The following are a couple of handy features you can find with heavy equipment flail mowers for sale:

  • Side safety chains - Side safety chains are a great feature that helps keep debris within the unit instead of throwing it during the operation.
  • Rock guard - This feature protects the machine driver from being hit by flying rocks during mowing.
Types of flail mower blades

These are the two main types of blades that come with flail mowers:

  • Y-knife blades - When the job you're doing requires you to cut tall weeds and other types of light, out-of-control-growth, then Y-knife blades are a great choice. They also work well when you need to give your lawn a nice trim. Additionally, Y-knife blades can be used to deal with light hedges and even branches up to two inches in size.
  • Hammer blades - Hammer blades are designed for tough jobs and are much thicker and denser than Y-knife blades. They work best when you need to take on thick and dense overgrowth and tree saplings. They have no problem cutting up branches that are 4 inches thick. On top of that, hammer blades can pretty much handle any job that Y-knife blades can.
A couple of things to look for when checking out affordable heavy equipment flail mowers for sale

These are a few important things to look for when you're purchasing low-cost heavy equipment flail mowers:

  • Horsepower - Each flail mower has a minimum and maximum horsepower rating. If you've got tough jobs to handle, you'll want to make sure you can put out some power. Also, keep in mind that the horsepower ratings of these flail mowers should be close to or equal to the horsepower rating of the tractor or excavator you'll be using to operate it.
  • Blade Wear - If you're shopping for low-priced heavy equipment flail mowers that are used, then you'll want to find out the condition of the blades. If they are dull, then you'll be required to sharpen them before use.