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Hettich Cabinet Hinges

Hettich produces a wide variety of concealed cabinet hinges for use in kitchens, offices, and other settings you prefer. Hettich Cabinet Hinges are designed for quick installation, easy adjustment, and long-term reliability. Here is a guide to help you in deciding which Hettich hinge is right for you.

What should you consider before you buy Hettich concealed hinges?

Hettich hinges have numerous special features, designed to ensure great home and workplace comfort and efficiency. When selecting Hettich brand cabinet hardware for your kitchen or office cabinet doors, consider the following criteria:

  • Opening angle: There are many angles available, and you can opt for opening angles of 95 degrees, 110 degrees, 165 degrees, or more.
  • Door thickness: Hettich makes different concealed hinge types to accommodate different cabinet door thicknesses.
  • Door material: Some of Hettich's cabinet hinges are suited for special cabinet materials, including such materials as glass and aluminum.
  • Mounting plate: Hettich offers a variety of plates with different drilling patterns. The company offers hardware solutions for even the most complex cabinet design challenges.
Does Hettich have door hinges that close quietly?

Hettich manufactures several types of closures. Hettich offers the following options for door hinges:

  • Hinges with integrated soft closing function
  • Hinges without soft closing function
  • Hinges with push-to-open design for handle-free doors
What are some features of Hettich’s Sensys cabinet hinges?

Hettich's Sensys hinges come in a variety of styles to accommodate different cabinet configurations that your home might have. Great for home and office use, these hinges boast several special features such as the following:

  • Aesthetics: When installed, Hettich hinges are concealed completely within the cabinet.
  • Integrated silent system: These Hettich hinges have a special mechanism that ensures quiet closure.
  • Self-closure: These Hettich hinges self-close from a particularly wide angle.
  • Assembly: Assembly of these clip-on Hettich hinges is quick and easy.
  • Materials: Hinge cups and hinge arms are constructed from sturdy, nickel-plated steel.
What are some features of Hettich Intermat cabinet hinges?

Hettich Intermat hinges are nickel-plated, which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion. Hettich hinges are also created to be implemented quickly into your cabinets.

How do you adjust the Hettich Intermat cabinet hinges?

Hettich Intermat cabinet hinges allow for quick and easy three-dimensional door alignment. In order to adjust the hinges, you can adjust the height of your cabinet door by turning the screws on the mounting plate. Overlay and depth can be adjusted by turning screws on the arm.