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HoMedics Massaging Equipment & Supplies

HoMedics makes back massagers, neck massagers, foot massagers, handheld massagers, and sports recovery devices. Each is available in a variety of styles for different preferences. Temperature control and differences in shape are just a couple of the features that allow for individualizing kneading.

What types of HoMedics back devices are available?

HoMedics back devices come in lots of different styles. Some models are built to be strapped or attached to an existing chair. They have a piece to sit on and a longer perpendicular piece that touches the entire back for comprehensive massaging. Some models are built for lying on and can be placed on the floor or a bed so that the back kneading takes place horizontally. Some designs go behind the lower back in a chair for focus on the lumbar region. Others have straps that are placed over shoulders to focus on mid to upper back and shoulder areas. There are also massage cushions that can be placed under the back at any height for localized kneading.

What HoMedics neck and foot devices are available?
  • Some wrap around the neck and over the shoulders while others rest behind the head and wrap around to sides of the neck. Massage pillow styles rest directly under the head and knead the upper neck. Some neck devices are horseshoe shaped like travel cushions and encompass the sides and back of the neck. Lastly, some models are pillows and massagers are built into one device for napping.
  • Foot devices are just as diverse. Some accommodate putting feet into a device lined with soft material. Some styles resemble pods while others look more like slippers attached to a base. Other designs feature a flatter top to rest feet upon while they are massaged. Some devices supply heat to feet while they are being massaged.
What types of HoMedics hand-held devices are there?

Hand-held devices feature a variety of functions. Some offer temperature changes to both hot and cold, while others vibrate more classically. Generally, two small domes move in circles to loosen muscles in a particular area of the body. Hand-held devices allow more flexibility in terms of the area massaged. Some models feature a longer handle to reach difficult areas, like the middle of the back. Some hand-held devices are built to resemble animals, like turtles or frogs. A few are specifically for the head and feature long wires with rounded ends to massage the scalp.

What varieties of HoMedics sports recovery devices are available?

Sports recovery devices are specifically designed for athlete restoration. Foam rollers stimulate muscles with vibration. Multiple foam textures allow for different sensations with three different intensities. The Acu-Node device is in the shape of a ball with nubs covering it for texture.

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