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Enjoying Your Home Theater System

No matter what channel you are watching, home theaters can dramatically improve your TV-viewing experience. Alternatively, they can also be used simply to filter sound throughout your entire home. Home theaters are known for being powerful sound systems that produce superior sounds for your listening pleasure.

How does a wireless home theater system work?

Many brands offer wireless surround sound home theater systems. As the name implies, these types of systems serve as solutions when you don't want to have wires everywhere. A home theater that wirelessly broadcasts audio is powered the same way as any other kind of wireless home audio product, such as your wireless stereo. Conventional home audio speakers receive audio from a wire that connects to them from the amplifier of the AV receiver. With a wireless system, though, your audio is transmitted wirelessly to the receiver of the home theater. The system utilizes wireless technology to send out a series of signals that the receiver picks up to transmit the sound.

Are all satellite speakers wireless?

Not all satellite speakers are wireless, but many satellite systems offer this option. While there are many advantages of wireless speakers, plenty of people also enjoy wired home theater systems, too. If your home theater system is going to be set up in a location where the wires won't show much, then it might not be a big deal for you to have a few wires connecting your system together.

What brands of home theater systems are there?

There are a number of different major components of a home theater. Among these are a large-screen TV, a system for playing music, speakers, and a surround-sound system. Numerous brands of home theater systems are on eBay. Different brands offer different features, but almost all offer both wired and wireless home theater options. Brands on eBay include:

  • Sonos
  • Vizio
  • Denon
  • Dolby

What is a multi-room audio system?

A multi-room audio system is a system that features speakers in multiple rooms within a house. This allows you to fully experience the sound of music throughout your home. With a system like this, you can conveniently broadcast your favorite music or television program over the system to listen to while you're cleaning or engaging in some other activity.

Many multi-room audio systems feature speakers that include audio amplifiers. Some also include receivers that allow you to control the kind of music or TV program broadcasted over the speakers via your computer or smartphone. This makes it so that you can easily control the sounds in your home from one convenient device.