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Hoover Vacuum Parts and Accessories

A vacuum cleaner is a key investment in the household’s comfort and cleanliness. At times you may need to purchase separate parts and accessories for your vacuum to replace ones that have been damaged or misplaced.

What kinds of Hoover vacuum parts and accessories are available?

Many accessories are included with various models. Common specialty cleaning tools include :

  • Exhaust HEPA filters
  • Vacuuming attachments
  • Crevice-sweeping nozzles
  • Pet hair and dander removal accessories
  • Power cords of various lengths with cord release parts
When does your vacuum need a new belt?

With regular use, your vacuum belt will stretch out over time, which decreases your vacuum's cleaning efficiency. If you notice that your vacuum is making an unusually loud noise or that more dust and dirt is being left behind after you run the vacuum cleaner, it may be time to replace the belt.

How are bagged and bagless Hoover vacuum cleaners different?

Some Hoover canister vacuum cleaners are equipped with debris-collecting bags. The advantage is that these types of vacuums hold more dirt and do not have to be emptied as often as bagless vacuums. The bag itself serves as a primary filter and can collect vast amounts of dust from large spaces at one time.

The upright Windtunnel Hoover machines are typically bagless, and they store dust onboard. A detachable container allows the user to empty it after each use or as often as needed. Bagless vacuums contain an air filtering system that purifies the air. They are preferred by consumers who are concerned about allergies or other health conditions.

How often should you replace vacuum filters?

Vacuum cleaners come with several different kinds of filters depending on the model. How often you need to change the filter depends on how often you use the vacuum. In general, the guidelines are:

  • High efficiency particle air (HEPA) filters should be replaced every two to three years.
  • Pre-filters, which catch large particles, should be checked or changed every three to four months.
  • Carbon pre-filters should be changed every three years.
  • Any filter that is damaged or emitting a foul odor should be changed immediately.
How can you find parts that will fit your machine?

To find a part or accessory that corresponds to your current machine, locate the dataplate. It may be on the bottom or backside of your vacuum cleaner, depending on the model. Identify the model number or manufacturing code of your machine and reference this number when you are selecting your desired part.

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