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Humble Oil Advertising

Humble was founded in 1911 in the state of Texas, and it traces its beginnings back to the gusher that started the Texas Oil rush. Later merging with Standard Oil, its advertising covers the Esso, Enco and, eventually, Exxon brands.

What are some ways that Humble Refining advertised the company?

The logo of Enco or Esso appears on numerous items as well as advertising and promotion. Items promoted the gas stations where the brand of gasoline was sold. Model toy cars, tanker trucks, paperweights, and pencils were among the advertising promotional mediums. Some are listed here:

  • Maps
  • Die-cast tow truck
  • Tanker truck bank
  • Esso oval bank
  • Model airplanes
  • Puzzles
What are some of the puzzle themes?

A favorite theme in a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle is "Great Moments in American History." One puzzle features the discovery of the Grand Canyon. Others might showcase the Alamo Defenders Fight, Pilgrims Landing on Cape Cod or the Transcontinental Telegraph Line being completed.

What is the "Tiger in your Tank"?

The saying "Put a tiger in your tank" began to be used as a Humble advertising slogan in 1964. Because of competition issues with Texaco and other national brands, the tiger was discontinued when the merged companies became Exxon in 1972.

What themes were used the company's gas advertising?

An assortment of advertising, in addition to maps and jigsaw puzzles, included one and two-page ads that appeared in Esso Gasoline Magazine as well as other venues. Illustrations included such themes as the environment, the good life and people working at gas stations. Illustrations used in ads are the following:

  • At the beach
  • Lightning Bolts
  • Solar Flairs
  • Tiger in Your Tank
  • Tire changers
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Graduating nurses
Why was the Enco brand name discontinued?

When the advertising agency decided to re-brand using just one logo, Enco seemed like the obvious choice instead of Esso and Enco. However, the name got shelved when it was made apparent to corporate that the word "enco" is the term for engine failure in the Japanese language. The result was the name of Exxon for the station signage in 1972.

What is the size of a typical Enco map?

The size of the map might open 25 inches x 28 inches or 18 inches x 25 inches. The maps are detailed, with wording that the cartography was done by the General Drafting Company. Images are shown on both the front and back covers and the map folds up. Insets feature several surrounding cities, in addition to the main city.

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