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Create Iconic Sounds With Ibanez JEM Electric Guitars

Superstrat guitars have a sound and look that gets recognized wherever you go whether you're a professional musician or a hobbyist. The compact Ibanez JEM electric guitar is a slimmed down, lighter option that is set with a simple vibrato. It captures higher notes with its larger set of 24 frets.

Which pickups does the JEM series use?

Bargain Ibanez JEM guitars rely on electric signals to power humbucking pickups that phase out idle noises. The result is a clean sound and a powerful tone. The north and south pull of built-in magnets convert frequencies at rapid speeds and without adding any noise to impede the sound.

Why Ibanez Superstrat guitars follow their own mold

The electric Ibanez JEM can be recognized with specific features that give it style and performance. Knowing more about the features of Ibanez JEM electric guitars can help you make a more informed buying decision.

  • Molded handle: Located on the upper body of the guitar is a cut-out mold where you carry and hold the guitar like a suitcase. This also helps reduce the guitar’s weight.
  • Sharp cutaways: The sharp cutaways allow for easy access to higher notes while also forming pointed edges that give this guitar some stylish flare.
  • Blended pickguard: The pickguard is finished in a wide range of colors to accent the guitar’s body while also protecting the instrument.
  • Pearl and matte white: Ibanez guitars come in white pearl paint options that stand out on stage and in your bedroom.
  • Simple tremolo: This lever helps the guitar achieve the classic ranges of antiquated models.
All from the same series but each a little different

New and used Ibanez JEM electric guitars come in a wide selection. Its basic mold can be found with many different stylish variations, including the following options:

  • The V: All V-series guitars fit with the Steve Vai collection that consists of a mahogany body or a rosewood fretboard for a JEM tone.
  • The 7D: The 7D is suitable for creating whammy bars.
  • The 555: This model consists of a special basswood body. Inlays in the fretboard provide artistic flare with vine and leaf motifs.
  • The Pharaoh: This JEM model features a gold-painted body and Egyptian inlays in the fretboard.