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Industrial Knockout & Punch Sets

A knockout punch is an industrial tool that is used to create holes in sheet metal. A punch of this type is typically held in the hand and uses hydraulic pressure to knock out consistent holes that are the same size and shape. Understanding these tools can help you save time when buying one for your project needs.

Who could use these punch tools?

Anyone who needs to knockout consistent holes in sheet metal would likely appreciate this hydraulic tool. They are used in a variety of different industries and for multiple uses. One of the most common uses of a knockout punch is creating consistent punches in electrical boxes. It is easy to punch these out by hand with a knockout tool.

Punches can also be used in the plumbing and electrical industry. For example, pipes need consistent holes through which to move. This consistency is also important for wires. However, a knockout punch can also be used by those who creating steel, plastic, and brass art projects. As a result, a knockout tool may appeal to a broad range of people.

What kinds of art projects could use these tools?

While art isn't the typical use of an industrial tool like this, there are several projects that clever artists could create with this item. For example, they could create openings throughout a project that looks like bullets. This design could be useful for a Halloween prop or a similar item. Other ways that these tools can be used in art include:

  • Creating large sculptures
  • Adding texture to a project
  • Puncturing a canvas
  • Putting new details on a vehicle
What knockout punch tool variations are available?

There are many types of punch tools available on the market. These include punches and dies, manual punches, hydraulic sets, and other types that are used by hand. Some types of punch tools are too large to carry, however, and should be installed in a shop. Those who want a smaller one can typically find a punch that suits their needs.

While most of these tools use air power to punch through materials, other use electric motors. Some may require a manual punch. Those who want the most accurate type typically go for an air punch tool. However, others may prefer the individual control offered by a manual.

Which specific tools are available to you?

There are several manufacturers who produce these types of tools for the professional and amateur market. Each typically includes a variety of dies and punches that can be used to create a variety of different sizes and shapes. Often, they include extra hoses. Just a few of these brands include:

  • Comie hand pump
  • Temco portable varieties
  • Wiss types for house trim