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JL Audio 5 Channel Car Audio Amplifiers

Learn about JL Audio and JL 5-Channel Car Amplifiers

JL Audio is a US-based company that manufactures audio systems for both the home and vehicles. You can choose a JL Audio amplifier for your vehicle to either upgrade or replace your current system.

What is a JL Audio car amplifier?

A car amp connects to your vehicle’s radio or CD player and enhances the audio signal before it is sent to the speakers. The stronger signal increases the sound volume along with its clarity. There are six main types of amplifiers available designated as channels and four classes as well.

How do you select a 5-channel car amplifier?

Before you select a 5-channel car amplifier, consider the following specifications:

  • Vehicle information: You will want to know the make and model of your vehicle so that you can review the power requirements of your car in order to select a compatible amplifier.
  • Amplifier class: An amp has a classification based on its output and its circuit design. Each class selected will have their own features such as level-control, high-pass, bass boost, preamp-level, speaker-level, subwoofer channel support, differential-balanced, and advanced rollback protection.
  • Brands: JL produces a variety of five channel amplifiers. The models vary in size, features, and colors that are on offer in order to select one specifically for your car.
  • Select channels: Some models will have multiple-channel settings including a subwoofer channel available to adjust the sound.
What types of channel configurations are available?

Here are the choices:

  • 2-channel: This configuration has stereo audio and has A/B or D-amp classes available. This type can play sounds between 20 to 20,000 Hz and can power up to two speakers.
  • 4-channel: This stereo type system can handle up to four speakers. The circuitry class options include A/B and D-classes.
  • Monoblock: This type has a single amplifier and is used for powering a subwoofer. This type commonly uses class-D circuitry. Monoblock amplifiers can handle low to medium frequencies.
  • 3-channel: This type is a hybrid type of amplifier and uses two channels for stereo and one for mono. In most car audio systems, it will handle two speakers and a subwoofer.
  • 5-channel: Another type of hybrid amp, this type can handle four speakers along with a subwoofer. One channel will have mono (subwoofer) and the other four channels will be stereo.
What types of amp classes are there?

The different types of amp classes include:

  • Class A: This class features constant current flowing through its output transistors. Class A amps have a low level of signal distortion that output a high level of sound quality.
  • Class B: This type uses two transistors that work with each other to divide the amplifying output between the two transistors. Class B amps in turn have one transistor off while the other one is in operation.
  • Class AB: This style of amp combines both a Class A and Class B amplifier.
  • Class D:This type of amplifier uses output transistors that control the power flow in the amp. This design has high speed transistor switching and can make use of low-pass filters.
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