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JVC Black Portable Stereos & Boomboxes

Choosing a New Portable Stereo or Boombox

Portable stereos and boomboxes have been popular home electronics for decades, and they allow us to take our music on the go, or at least from room to room. A black system looks good in any room and can serve a variety of purposes. 

What Uses Does a Portable Stereo Have?

A portable system has many uses and are a great secondary audio player aside from your main home stereo.

  • For the kids room: Instead of shelling out on an expensive player for the kids, a small portable player that is perhaps second hand will be all they need to play their favorite songs.
  • For the garage: If you like working away in the garage to the latest hits, a small boombox can easily fit onto small shelves or go outside with you when you need them. 
  • For the boat: Instead of installing a fancy system in your boat, you can take portable stereo with you. 

What Kind of Products Does JVC Offer?

This brand has been making stereos and boomboxes for many years, and here on eBay you can find older discontinued models or newer models that are still being manufactured. Some of the portable options that you have in black are:

  • Single disc players: Single disc players are common from this brand and also come with an AM/FM radio. Some models are also an MP3 player meaning you have different options when it comes to listening to music. You may find a model with a remote control and you can find some with hyper-bass for good quality sound.
  • Multi disc players: A stereo with a CD changer is an efficient way to listen to music as you can load CDs for continuous playback. These systems come with AM/FM radio, speakers and often a clock radio. Newer portable systems are able to play MP3 and WMA files from your portable music player or smartphone.
  • Cassette players and recorders: While this brand no longer manufacturers cassette only players, it is still possible to find second hand, vintage models. There are many to choose from that date back over multiple decades. Some have one cassette deck while others have dual cassette, and many are able to record either off the other tape deck or the audio from the radio. They all will have an AM/FM radio with volume control and speakers. 
  • CD player with tape deck: These models were popular around the time that CDs first debuted, but people still liked to listen to cassette tapes. This type of player was versatile and able to provide for tape, CD, and radio listening. There are models that have been discontinued, but JVC still manufacturers some today. 

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