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JVC TV, Video and Home Audio Remote Controls

A Guide to Selecting JVC Home Audio Remote Controls

Home audio remote controls allow you to change the media and the functionality of your home audio equipment without having to get out of your chair. These devices may also allow you to control additional parts of your home theater setup, such as your TV. There are many features and functions performed by the JVC home audio remote controls.

What types of equipment are compatible with JVC remote controls?

The types of equipment that are compatible with these remote controls include:

  • Compact disc changers: The devices can function with trays that have anywhere from six to 100 compact discs.
  • Video cassette recorders: They can work with a variety of video cassette recorders and players.
  • Speakers: The remotes can shift the balance, tone, bass, and volume of the speakers, woofer, and subwoofer.
  • Record players: The controllers may work with turntables.
  • Stereo receivers: The controllers may have AM/FM radio functions.
What functions do the JVC remotes perform for a TV?

The functions that the remote controls perform for TVs include:

  • Channel: The controllers can change the channel by pressing the digit number button or with the up or down channel selectors.
  • Volume: The controllers can increase, decrease, or mute the sound.
  • Change TV service modes: The remotes can switch between cable, satellite, and antenna or broadcast box modes.
What functions do the remotes perform for home audio equipment?

The remotes are able to perform a variety of functions for home audio equipment, including:

  • Change of media: The controllers can change the media between tuner, compact disc player, video disc recorder, laser disc, and cable TV.
  • Playing functions: The controllers are able to pause, stop, play, rewind, and fast forward songs or audio tracks.
  • Tray functions: For compact disc changers, the remotes can switch from one compact disc to the next one or previous one in the tray.
  • Volume: The controllers offer mute, volume up, and volume down functions.
What type of batteries do the remote controls use?

These remote controls use two AA batteries. The batteries should be of the same brand and the same type, such as single-use or rechargeable. To replace the batteries, slide the compartment door off of the back of the remote. Remove the used batteries and replace them with two fresh batteries in the correct orientation. Snap the battery compartment door back into place.

How far away from the TV does the remote work?

These TV remotes are designed to work at a distance of 10 to 30 feet from the tip of the controller to the sensor on the TV. For home audio equipment, the range is also 10 to 30 feet. A sign that the batteries are ready for replacement is when you have to stand closer to the TV or another device that you want to use.

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