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Jeffrey Campbell Boots for Women

Jeffrey Campbell, an LA-based independent footwear company, offers a wide range of boot styles, ranging from ankle boots to thigh-highs. They also feature other casual and formal eclectic shoe and sandal designs. Campbell and his wife, Christina, founded the company in 2000.

What materials does Jeffrey Campbell use to make shoes?

Jeffrey Campbell boots are made of a variety of materials.

  • Uppers: Most Jeffrey Campbell boots have traditional leather uppers. Other styles are constructed using suede, synthetic materials, or fabrics, like velvet or brocade. Uppers may also feature embroidered embellishments or glittery finishes.
  • Linings: Boot linings are usually made of leather.
  • Soles: Whether they feature flat soles or sky-high heels, most Jeffrey Campbell boots have synthetic soles.
  • Closures: These boots use a variety of closures, including zippers, elastic gore, and metal buckles.
Do these boots have decorative features?

The Jeffrey Campbell brand often embellishes women's boots with decorative features like:

  • Fringe
  • Embroidery
  • Decorative straps and buckles
  • Studs
What styles are available?

Jeffrey Campbell offers many styles of boots, such as:

  • Ankle boots: The brand's ankle boots come in a variety of heel heights and looks, but they all have shafts that stop just below the ankle.
  • Mid-to-knee boots: These slightly taller options include choices like cowboy boots and lace-up boots with chunky heels.
  • Over-the-knee boots: Over-the-knee styles include kitten-heel boots with bow embellishments, slouchy suede boots, and velvet boots in vibrant colors.
  • Thigh-high boots: The brand's thigh-high options usually have heels of 3 inches or more.
  • Rainboots: Rainboots are made of rubber and other synthetic materials, and they come in a variety of shaft heights, from ankle boots to over-the-knee boots with tie closures.
What sizes are available?

Most Jeffrey Campbell boots are available in US women's sizes ranging from 5 to 12. Half sizes are available for sizes ranging from 5 to 10. Select Jeffrey Campbell styles, like rainboots, may be available in a smaller range of sizes.

What heel options does Jeffrey Campbell offer?

Jeffrey Campbell boots are available in a range of heel heights. Some boots are flat, while others have heels of 4 inches or more. Some of the heels are conventionally shaped, like stilettos and kitten heels, while others are asymmetric. Some heel styles include:

  • Kitten heels - a short heel with a slight curve ranging from 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches high.
  • Stiletto heels - a heel with a very thin base ranging from 1 inch to 10 inches high.
  • Chunky heels - a heel with a wide width in various heights.
  • Platform heels - a heel with a thick sole, ranging in height from 1 inch to 4 inches or more.
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