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Joseph Ribkoff Women's Coats and Jackets

Since 1957, the Joseph Ribkoff brand has created clothing for women, such as dresses, skirts, coats, and jackets. The brand also offers shoes and jewelry. Joseph Ribkoff women's coats and jackets come in prints or bold colors, fur options, fleece, hooded, and quilted styles, and materials like wool, leather, and twill.

What fabrics do Joseph Ribkoff jackets and coats come in?

Their jackets and coats come in a wide variety of quality fabrics. Fabric choices include polyester, wool, fleece, viscose, rayon, nylon, cotton blend, polyester/spandex, acrylic, faux fur, polyamide, faux leather, and acetate. There may be other types of fabrics available depending on the specific design selected. An example is their Royal Sapphire jacket, which is 74% jacquard knit.

What patterns do Joseph Ribkoff jackets and coats come in?

This outerwear comes in a wide variety of patterns. Possible pattern choices include solid, floral, animal print, geometric, striped, polka dot, paisley, metallic, and plaid. There are other types of patterns or mixed media available depending on the specific coat design selected.

What styles do Joseph Ribkoff jackets and coats come in?

You can choose many different styles of women's jackets or coats, including the following:

  • Hooded
  • Long and short sleeve
  • Vest
  • Parka
  • Wraps, shawls, and quilted jackets
How should you select Joseph Ribkoff women's coats and outerwear?

A good way to choose a Joseph Ribkoff outerwear piece is to consider your style. Do you need something timeless and classic, or is trendy and stylish more your style? In addition, the type of fabric, as well as the print, should fit well into your wardrobe. Perhaps you want something with faux fur, hooded, or leather. Maybe a warm, quilted fabric sounds like the type of item you would choose to wear.

What sizes do Joseph Ribkoff women's coats come in?

Joseph Ribkoff coats and jackets come in sizes Canada/U.S. 8 through 22. While it can be tough to figure out a size without trying on a piece in person, there are a few good rules of thumb to follow when choosing what size of coat of jacket to order.

  • If you own other clothing from this brand that fits, try that size for a coat.
  • Take your measurements in centimeters, including bust, waist, and hips.
  • Look for a size chart and see how to measure online. Compare your measurements to determine the size to order.
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