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K&N Car and Truck Oil Filters

Keeping the engine oil clean in your car or truck preserves the life of the engine and helps ensure top performance. Whether you drive on the road or the track, K&N makes an oil filter that will keep your car humming. Their line of products offers convenience, protection, and durability.

What is the function of an oil filter?

Oil is used to lubricate the parts of your caru001as engine. This oil can pick up contaminants over time. If these contaminants are not removed, then they can scour the internal surface of the engine and cause wear. The purpose of the filter is to help remove these contaminants.

How often should you change a K&N filter?

There is no single answer to this question. Most mechanics recommend changing the filter every time you change the oil. How often this needs to be done depends on the environment and your driving habits.

What are the different types of K&N filters?

K&N filters come in the following types:

  • Wrench-off oil filter: This design has a nut welded to its end. You can use a standard wrench to remove this nut and release the filter. Many K&N choices have this feature depending on the model. The wrench-off style includes a safety wire.
  • Inline oil filter: This type is usually only used in automobile racing. They are narrow cylinders with fittings at each end. They have aluminum housing with a stainless steel filter that ranges from 25 microns to 74 microns.
Are K&N oil filters reusable?

K&N makes both disposable and reusable styles. The reusable model is intended to be used over and over again. It is made from a block of aluminum. Filtration is handled by a micro-screen made of stainless steel. The filter also contains magnets to help pull out metal fragments. A removable valve allows for cleaning.

What are the different K&N oil filter models?

The different K&N models are listed here:

  • K&N Wrench-Off Performance Gold: This filter has a nut for easier wrench-off removal. It is designed for higher oil pressure. There is an anti-drain back valve, a double-rolled base plate, and a pre-lubed base seal.
  • K&N Performance Silver: These filters have rolled threads and a fluted canister shape for traditional oil filter installers.
  • K&N Cartridge: These are used for high-end synthetic motor oils of cars, trucks, and SUVs.
  • K&N Washable/Reusable Billet: Has aluminum housing with stainless steel micro-screen filtration. It has embedded neodymium magnets for metal particles.
  • K&N Inline Fuel Filter: This filter is designed for racing applications. It has a stainless steel filter and anodized aluminum housing and can be used with different oils.
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