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KMC Bicycle Chains

KMC Bicycle Chains for the Ride of Your Life

One of the well-known manufacturers of bike chains in the world, KMC offers a wide selection of chains for any type of riding. Their chains are easy to install and are designed to last longer so you can enjoy your rides without a carefree. Whether you are looking for a chain for a mountain bike or a road bike, you can easily find the correct type.

How Do I Find the Right Chain for My Bike?

The company produce chains for most types of gears, including 8 and 10-speed chains. As a bike chain is an essential element of a bicycles transmission as it connects the front and rear of the drivetrain, choosing the right one is a big decision.

  • Bike Type: As you pedal, the chain converts the power into forward movement, so its essential to buy a high-quality chain suitable for your type of bike.
  • Speed: The speed of the chain is one of the most important elements to consider, as this will determine the actual width and weight of the item.
  • Compatibility: Remember to consider compatibility with the existent parts on your bicycle, as not all models work with all components. For example, some options only work with Shimano or Campagnolo gears, whereas others are suitable for both. Chains for SRAM groupsets are also available.

How Do I Know Its Time to Change the Bike Chain?

Because any chain life is limited, its essential to change them before they wear out completely.

  • Stretching: When the chain starts to wear out, it tends to stretch, and it may also start to skip over the teeth.
  • Measure: You can use a measuring device to determine if its time for a new chain. If you dont have this kind of device, the tool-free method to determine the need for a new chain is by sight.
  • Procedure: Make sure the bicycle chain is shifted onto the smallest rear sprocket, and lean the bike against a wall. Pull the chain gently towards you, and if you notice the bottom jockey wheel of the rear derailleur moving, the chain needs to be replaced.

How Do I Maintain Bicycle Chains?

Whether you have a single speed, MTB, road, or BMX KMC chain, its important to maintain it correctly to prolong its life.

  • Cleaning: Clean the chain at least a couple of times of month if you ride daily, and apply lube to decrease friction in your drivetrain.
  • Lubricants: Never use lubricants that are not intended for bike use.
  • Speed Changes: When cycling, pay attention to the way youre shifting or changing speeds, especially on hills, to avoid damaging your chain.

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