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Kathe Kruse Dolls

Kathe Kruse produced a variety of children toys out of Germany for a range of children. Their doll options are diverse and include many different looks and styles. As a result, you may want to research your choices before buying these toys from Germany.

What materials are used on these items?

Kathe Kruse produced dolls that used many different material types. These included the following:

  • Cloth: Typically most common on their clothes.
  • Plastic: Makes up a majority of their body.
  • Vinyl: Some dolls may have vinyl decorations to showcase their look.
  • Wood: Older dolls may have wooden designs.
What types of baby doll accessories are available?

Those who buy these toys can also find many accessories. These include but are not limited the ones listed here:

  • Doll cases
  • Various types of clothing
  • Hair pins
  • Pacifiers and suckers
  • Small toys and pets
Are there boy and girl doll options?

Those interested in these baby designs can buy boy and girl dolls. The design of each will vary slightly depending on the gender. Most models will include appropriate genitals for the gender.

How many clothing options are on the market?

Each of these products has many different clothes that they can wear. You can decorate them in various ways and create a diverse wardrobe that may be regularly changed. Clothing choices are described here:

  • Shirts: These come in many styles and colors to suit your taste. These include casual looks and dressier options.
  • Pants: Options here include a variety of jeans, dresses, khaki pants, and shirts.
  • Hats: These old-fashioned hats include a variety of details, such as feathers and boas.
  • Shoes: Buyers can purchase sneakers, dress shoes, and even sandals for their toy.
Which size variations are possible?

Anyone interested in these dolls has many size options from which to choose. The 3-inch models require appropriate-sized clothes. They were produced later in the run and are designed for smaller and gentler hands.

However, medium-sized dolls and clothes are also available from 10-15 inches. These options are designed for older toddlers who can handle taking care of them. They usually match the size of the child and typically have more details and higher-quality hair.

Larger models, from about 16-21 inches, are also available. These dolls often have a variety of accessories packed with them, including multiple types of clothing and even hair brushes. Their larger design allows more detail on the faces than smaller models.