LGA 775/Socket T procesadores ordenador

LGA 775/Socket T Computer Processors

LGA 775 is a socket that interfaces motherboards to a range of CPUs. This is an interface that has protruding pins to which the chips contact. There are 775 such pins, which is where the socket name comes from.

How do you select an LGA 775 computer processor?

The following criteria should be considered when selecting a Socket T computer processor.

  • Select processor speed: Processor speeds vary depending on use. A requirement for more computer storage space will require a processing speed that has an advanced GHz processing capacity.
  • Select pairing: Computer processors can be bundled with motherboards. The proper fit and selection can be made by bundling to select the proper slot type associated with a specific computer processor.
  • Select interface: Specific computer processors require the interface to align with a proper motherboard. The specific interface is a flip chip land grid array.
  • Select socket type: The socket type is specifically dependent on the fit of the motherboard with the 775 computer processor. The FSB protocol is AGTL+ and is the specific type for proper alignment.
What are the main features of a 775 Socket T?
  • Processor Speed:The processor speed ranges from 1.6 gigahertz to 3.8 gigahertz.
  • Computer Core: A computer can have multiple cores. The amount of cores means that there are multiple processors in the specific motherboard insert. A quad-core would have a faster processing speed than a dual-core.
  • Slot type: When you decide to upgrade to an LGA 775 computer processor, it is important to select the proper slot type. The specific slot size is 1.47 inches by 1.47 inches.
What are some different types of 775 processors?
  • Celeron: An IA-32 and x86-64 computer microprocessor. Specifically, it has two megabytes of cache memory, two cores and two threads.
  • Core 2: A processor that has two cores, otherwise known as a dual-core. The processor is compatible with an 775 LGA computer socket.
  • Core 4: A processor that has four cores otherwise known as a quad-core. Compatible with a 775 computer socket and essentially has four processors in one. More processors enable a quad-core processor to run system functions faster than a dual-core.
  • Pentium: This processor is a 7th-generation CPU microprocessor and is known as a Core i7 computer processor.