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Your Guide to Xeon LGA 775 Computer Processors

Established in 1998, Xeon crafts computer processors or CPUs. This includes the Xeon LGA 775 computer processor. Think of the CPU as the heart of the computer, pumping power and speed to the motherboard and all other parts.

What is a central processing unit?

The processor tells other components what to do. As the main chip in the computer, it carries out all tasks, communicating with each program and following their instructions. It performs the basic arithmetic, control and input/output, and logical operations per each program's instructions. A central processing unit consists of an arithmetic logic unit, processor registers, and a control unit.

The CPU fits onto the motherboard, which connects to all other components of the system. It may share a chip with graphics components like the graphics card. Because this component gets hot from constantly running, it sits under a cooling fan that also always runs. Mobile phones and tablets also feature CPUs. In these devices, the processor chip also handles activities, such as GPS, phone calls, Wi-Fi, and more. The multi-functional chips are called \"system-on-a-chip\" or SoC.

How do you upgrade the CPU?

You can upgrade your desktop computer's processor to a more powerful model, but it must be compatible with your motherboard. These components aren't generally upgradeable on a laptop.

What affects processor speed?

Processor models differ, but the number of cores it features will determine how fast it works expressed in clock speed. The clock speed expressed in gigahertz or GHz indicates the number of calculations the central processing unit can make in one second. Its speed in processing data depends on the number of cores it has. A single core processor is the slowest. Most modern CPUs have at least two, but four or eight are also common. These are used in gaming computers and those used for graphics design, film editing, and rendering, such as for architectural, engineering, or development plans.

How many cores do Xeon LGA775 computer processors have?

The number of cores in these central processing units range from two to four and are called \"dual core\" and \"quad core.\"

What bus speeds and clock speeds do these components offer?

These components range in bus speed:

  • 133MHz
  • 800MHz
  • 1066MHz
  • 1333MHz
  • 1600MHz

The clock speeds for these components also have a wide range:

  • 1.5 GHz - 1.99 GHz
  • 2 GHz - 2.49 GHz
  • 2.5 GHz - 2.99 GHz
  • 3 GHz - 3.5 GHz
  • More than 3.5 GHz