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A Vacuum Oven Dries Without Causing the Adverse Effects of Conventional Heat

Vacuum ovens are made to dry items gently, providing a consistent circulation of heat; this ensures that heat is transferred as efficiently as possible, creating a negligible change in the spatial characteristics of the object or objects being dried. Laboratory vacuum ovens are designed to dry delicate specimens without altering their chemical properties like a conventional oven. An excellent method for finding a quality vacuum oven for sale, even used vacuum ovens, is by browsing the vacuum oven category on eBay.

How does a vacuum oven work?

Water turns into a gaseous state much more rapidly if the atmospheric pressure is low. The principle objective is to reduce the pressure inside the closed vacuum. Vacuum drying also decreases the amount of oxidation during the process, which helps prevent a brittle final product. Therefore, because of low atmospheric pressure, moisture is removed without oxidizing, so a vacuum drying oven removes all moisture more gently and much faster than a conventional oven.

What are the advantages of using a vacuum oven?

If you are drying anything in which the maintaining of the chemical qualities of the product is essential, you should be using this type of oven. There are four primary advantages to using a vacuum oven.

  • No contamination: They eliminate the potential for contamination caused by conventional ovens.
  • No heat loss: There will be little or no loss of heat caused by the convection process.
  • Fast cooling: The item will cool very fast because there will not be any air to hold heat inside final product.
  • Temperature control: You can precisely control temperature, meaning it will remain uniform throughout the entire drying process.
What types of vacuum ovens are there?

Vacuum ovens come in different sizes and with special features for specific types of drying. Here are few ways they are commonly used:

  • Lab vacuum ovens ' These are used in the chemistry field to dry various specimens and other items since it is essential that the final dried product does not lose any spatial characteristics as a result of being dried.
  • Industrial vacuum oven ' These are massive ovens that are used commercially to dry food products such as meats, fruits, and vegetables.
  • BHO vacuum oven ' This type of oven is used primarily within the cannabis trade to remove the butane hash oils. Vacuum ovens for BHO are also referred to as vacuum purge ovens.