Everything You Need to Know About Selecting a Laptop Palmrest Housing for Your Dell Computer

The palmrest style of housing for a laptop has an integrated keyboard and touchpad with additional space for the palms of your hands and your wrist to rest while you press the keys, scroll, or click. These laptop bases may increase your comfort and make it easier for you to use your laptop for longer periods of time. There are many colors, features, and styles of laptop palmrest housings for Dell computers.

What are some of the features of a palmrest housing?

Some of the features of these products include:

  • Ergonomic design: The palmrest housing may facilitate neutral angling and elevation of the wrists.
  • Integrated mouse: The touchpad in the housing allows for integrated scrolling and clicking so that a separate mouse is not needed.
  • One- or two-finger scrolling: The housing may accept one- or two-finger scrolling on the touchpad.
  • Key separators: The housing has key separators so that each key on the keyboard can be fully depressed. The separators also help to keep debris away from the key base.

What types of Dell laptops are compatible with this housing?

Multiple types of Dell computers may be compatible with this type of touchpad and keyboard housing setup. Some of the models include the Dell Inspiron, Latitude, Precision, XPS, and Vostro. Other compatible models for the palmrest style may include the Aspire, M Series, N Series, Thinkpad, and Toughbook.

What colors are available for the Dell laptop palmrest housings?

The palmrest housing pieces are available in black, blue, gray, silver, and white exterior colors. The interior portion of the housing may have metal or differently colored plastic pieces that are silver, green, red, or white. The touchpad surface is typically the same color as the rest of the exterior housing. The foam or rubber corner foot pads may be off-white to yellow in color, and they fit on the underside of the housing piece. The exterior foot pads for the housing piece fit on the base of the computer and are typically black or gray.

How do you know if the housing fits your laptop?

Because the housing has the cutouts for the keyboard, touchpad, speakers, and power button, it is important to make sure that the model of the housing is compatible with your model of computer. To verify, cross-check your computer's owner's manual with the compatible housing piece numbers. Alternately, find your model of computer, which should be on a sticker on the bottom of the case or within your computer's settings. Compare the model number with the compatible housing pieces.

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