Using Screen Bezels on Your Laptop

Lenovo develops and manufactures laptop products and accessories that include LCD screens and replacement screen bezels. This is the outer frame of the LCD screen and is usually made of plastic. If you need a screen for your laptop, you may find it helpful to know how these parts work, what they can do, and how to install them as part of a display replacement.

How do laptop bezels work?

Some common uses for these grooves may include:

  • Security: These grooves stretch across the entire frame of your monitor and are part of what holds it in place when you open and close the laptop.
  • Protection: A thick or wide frame may offer your laptop screen some measure of protection against impacts and may possibly prevent it from cracking.
  • Performance: Thick grooves may accommodate several wires that could make your laptop screen more powerful. These grooves may hide several wires that attach to accessories like video cards.

How do you install a replacement LCD screen?

You may be able to use the steps below as a general guideline for replacing your laptop screen:

  • Remove the bezel: The outer plastic frame is the first part of the screen you will need to remove. You may need to remove rubber cushions at the corners of the screen to access any screws.
  • Remove the LCD screen: You should now have access to the LCD screen on your device. Remove any screws holding it in place, slide it down, and remove its cable.
  • Connect the replacement: Connect any cables to the back of your replacement screen, affix it to the lid, and install the screws.
  • Test it: You can reinsert the battery and attach the power cable to test whether the screen works before you reattach the bezel. If the screen functions normally, you can complete the repair.

How do you maintain a replacement screen?

You may be able to use some of the steps below to care for the screen on your laptop:

  • Close it gently: You may wish to use only light pressure when closing your laptop after each use. Check to make sure there is no debris on the keyboard before you close the device.
  • Keep the top clear: It's a good idea to avoid additional pressure that bears down the laptop's lid.
  • Wipe it: You may wish to use a soft, clean cloth to keep dust or fingerprints off the screen.

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