Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung Laptop Screen Bezels

Samsung manufactures a variety of laptops, desktops, and other electronic devices. When selecting replacement parts for your notebook, such as the bezel, there are different designs and styles available. Here are some questions that may come up in the selection process.

What does a screen bezel do?

This part of the notebook functions as a frame for the LCD screen and keeps the glass in place. The thickness of this frame will determine how much of the display is available for viewing when the computer is turned on.

How do you select a bezel?

Use the following as a guide:

  • Model number: You will want to gather this information from the label on the bottom of your device. You can also consult the manual to find this information as well.
  • Choose a display size: The size will be measured diagonally. The model number of the laptop will determine how large the glass will be. Wide angle designs will be slightly different from a standard size.
  • Choose a color: You can choose from a variety of colors that match the back of the laptop and can be a way of customizing your device.
  • Select a brand: If you prefer to use Original Equipment Manufacturer replacements, you can choose from those manufactured by Samsung. There are also various branded and generic replacements available that can be compatible with the device.
  • Choose features: Some models will have additional features such as a front-facing web camera. For these models, there will be an opening for the camera and microphone.

What parts make up the bezel?

The parts include:

  • Frame: This portion will appear as a black border that holds the LCD in place.
  • Back cover: The back shell of the assembly will be made of metal or plastic and be attached to the border to hold the assembly together.
  • Hinge: This portion of the design allows the laptop to be opened and closed in between use. Some models will allow the device to fold the notebook completely around to turn the device into tablet mode.
  • Monitor cable: This part of the assembly will be located near the hinges and will connect the LCD to the motherboard to accept the signals.
  • Screen: This component will consist of a glass covering that protects the LCD assembly under the glass. This part of the laptop will display images and other information that the processor and GPU displays.

How do bezel-less designs differ from standard types?

This type of screen will have a minimal amount of frame around the glass LCD. This border controls the amount of available screen and is common on laptops and netbooks designed to be thin in design. There are some smartphones that are completely bezel-less, but most laptops on the market will have at least a minimal one due to construction.

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