Large Animal Taxidermy Horns and Antlers

A Brief Guide to Purchasing Shed Antlers

You can have a truly beautiful conversation piece mounted on your wall with a vintage taxidermy horn or antler. However, finding shed antlers from deer and other large herbivores is much easier to do on eBay than out in the field. These moose and whitetail antlers that have been shed also tend to last for decades and can be passed down easily.

What types of shed antlers are available on eBay?

In addition to the standard deer ones, there are a wide variety of animals that shed their antlers. When these animals shed their antlers naturally, its very convenient because they are left behind, and the animal isnt harmed. Unlike antlers gained by hunting, these are shed by the animal seasonally. People seek out and find these antlers using knowledge of forage patterns, specially trained dogs, or sheer luck. You can find antlers from these species on eBay:

  • Shed white tail deer antlers
  • moose shed antlers
  • Bison shed horn caps
  • Water buffalo horn strips
  • Elk shed antlers
What items can you purchase made of antlers or horns?

Not only can you mount inexpensive deer antlers on your wall for a rustic aesthetic, but there are also other uses for these items. If you arent sure which type of horn or antler to choose, check out the applications listed below and the kinds of taxidermy horns and antlers that work well for each of them.

  • Crafted horn bows: Traditional bows used by Asian tribes utilized water buffalo horn strips in their construction, and its fairly easy to find these components online.
  • Dog chews: Dogs love to chew on antlers, especially those that include marrow.
  • Crafts: Horns and antlers have a lot of crafting value, and antlers shed by deer can be made into things like knife handles and other everyday objects.
Antler sizing: What you can expect

When it comes to sizing, these antlers can vary a lot. For example, its not uncommon for a pair of moose antlers to be as wide as 6 feet from tip to tip. This rack can weigh as much as 40 pounds. When it comes to whitetail deer, antlers shed during an animals youth can be as small as 3 feet across and weigh only a few pounds.

When purchasing a pair of antlers, its a good idea to know the weight and sizing so that you can be certain about the space youll need to mount them.