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Leather Briefcase/Attache Bags for Men

If you are a man in the business world, you may need some sort of luggage to help you haul paperwork and your laptop home and back to the office. If you need professional luggage, you likely know that leather items are a great choice for a professional look and durable finish. You may wonder whether you need a leather briefcase, attache bag, or both.

What are the differences between briefcases and attache bags?

Attache bags are sometimes referred to as briefcases or satchels, but \"briefcase\" has traditionally been the term used for the traditional hard hinged lockable cases that were originally designed to carry file folders, papers, booklets, calculators, pens, and pencils. Attache bags are somewhat nimble, top-loading satchels that sometimes feature buckled outer compartments and nearly always have both top handles and a cross-body strap. Some of them are designed for use with a padlock on the zipper pulls. They are used to carry office paperwork, laptops, or both.

What are the benefits of briefcases?

Traditional briefcases have all of the compartments located inside. They commonly have built-in locks on them to keep the contents safe from casual thieves and prying eyes. They are hinged, which allows them to stay open without help, and everything is highly accessible once the case is open. Their outside surfaces often make good writing surfaces when the user is away from a desk, though more layers of paper would be necessary if writing on leather.

What are the benefits of nimble attache bags?

As laptops and tablets developed as everyday business technology, nimble attache bags became a popular way to carry them, especially since they come in different sizes and feature a cross-body strap that frees up the hands. Small bags are suitable to carry laptops. More complex versions of an attache case are used to transport office files and papers, especially the expandable file types. Some of them have small, additional compartments that are conveniently located on the outside. Attache cases often have a softer external feel and finish that still provides a professional gloss.

What detailing distinguishes a men's attache bag?

Large, unadorned leather satchels convey masculinity, wealth, and class. They look masculine and smart. Leather is highly durable, and leather attache bags are well-suited for transporting items for many years. Messenger bags feature double buckled outer compartments, inside compartments, or an outer flap that reaches the bottom to provide more storage options.

What leather is used for briefcases and attache bags?

Cowhide is generally the type of leather used to craft men’s leather briefcases and attache cases. You may find different types of leather in use, described with terms such as Italian, full grain, glossy, Columbian, rugged, or distressed. These are usually different types of cowhide leather. Exotic types of leather used for briefcases include crocodile, alligator, stingray, ostrich, sea snake, python, eel, and buffalo.