Left-Handed Thrower Baseball and Softball Gloves and Mitts

When it comes to softball, one of the most important parts of the game is being able to catch the ball with your hand. Baseball and softball players should always wear a glove when catching balls during a game to prevent injury to their hands, especially when a ball is thrown at fastpitch.

How do you choose the right softball glove?

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing a softball glove for your hand. The following is a list of some things to consider.

  • Choose one for your non-dominant hand. If you are a left-handed thrower, you should choose one for your right hand.
  • Select the correct one for your position in the game. There are different types depending on if you are the catcher, first baseman, infield player, outfield player, or a pitcher.
  • Choose whether you need one for fastpitch or slowpitch. The webbing is different for ones used with fastpitch balls. Sizing is also different for ones used to catch balls thrown at fastpitch.
  • Decide on the type of adjustment you prefer. Your options include Velcro, D-ring, lace, or buckle.
  • Select the material. You can choose between gloves made of leather or synthetic materials.
How do you choose the right softball mitt?

Unlike gloves, mitts do not separate your fingers from each other. They are recommended for players who are the catcher or the first baseman. Follow these tips to assist you in the selection process.

  • Select according to your position. The one you choose should be the one suggested for your position in the game. Catcher’s mitts are larger but not as long as baseman’s mitts, and they have heavier padding.
  • Decide if you need one designed more for fastpitch or slowpitch balls.
  • Choose between leather or synthetic materials.
How do you break in a glove

Many leather gloves come pre-conditioned to make the process easier. If you feel it still needs to be broken in, practice catching balls in it as much as possible, preferably fastpitch balls, because fastpitch balls hit it harder. Sometimes it helps to run it under lukewarm water to help break it in better. After running it under water, practice with fastpitch balls again. A third method you can try is to use glove conditioner to shape it by crossing your thumb over your ring finger until it begins to shape the way you want. It is important to keep a softball or baseball inside the glove anytime it is not being used to make sure it keeps its correct formation. Avoid trying to break it in by using steam or putting it in the oven because these methods can cause severe damage to the glove.