Enhance Your Wide-Angle Photography With the Leica M 24mm Lens Series

If you are interested in professional photojournalism, take a look at the Leica M 24mm lens series – a wide-angle lens series that produces a great wide-angle view with minimal distortion. Leica, a German camera and optics company, has been developing cameras and photography supplies for more than 100 years. eBay offers a variety of new and used Leica camera lenses at a variety of prices and models to suit your needs.

What are the types of Leica M 24mm lenses available?

Leica developed only three 24mm wide-angle lenses for their M series camera line. Each 24mm wide-angle lens is further divided into three lens tiers: the Summilux, the Elmarit, and the Elmar. The key differing factors between them are their speed, aperture, and physical size. The following is a breakdown of the three Leica M 24mm lenses.

  • Leica Summilux-M 24mm f/1.4: Produced in 2008, this is Leica’s fastest 24mm lens and is meant for creating landscape and interior photography under unreliable light conditions. Ideal for the professional photojournalists, the Summilux-M 24mm lenses offer precise correction of color, vignetting, and distortions.
  • Leica Elmarit-M 24mm f/2.8: Produced in 1996, the Elmarit-M 24mm lens is now discontinued. These lenses are idea for architectural shots and for photojournalism.
  • Leica Elmar-M 24mm f/3.8: Produced in 2008, this is Leica’s sharpest yet smallest 24mm lens and is ideal for daylight landscape photography. Its small size makes the Elmar-M ideal for traveling.
Which cameras are compatible with these lenses?

The M designation on Leica lenses refers to “Messsucher,” which is the German term for the camera style rangefinder, a type of small, lightweight, portable cameras widely used in the 1950s before the SLR became more mainstream in the 1960s. These M-Series cameras and lenses are meant to be used together.

Leica M 24mm lenses are compatible with all film and digital cameras within the Leica M camera family. Leica M cameras are designed with the proprietary physical M lens mount and will only accept lenses that can fit on that mount.

When should you use the wide-angle 24mm lens?

A wide variety of lenses are available for photographers, including the fisheye lens, wide-angle lens, standard lenses, zoom lens, macro lens, and telephoto lenses. Wide-angle lenses are lenses that have a focal length of between 24mm and 35mm. These lenses are good choices when taking photos of confined interior spaces, street photography, landscapes, and large group photos.

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