Lenovo Intel Core i5 4th Gen PC de escritorio y todo-en-Uno


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Lenovo Desktops Featuring the 4th Gen Intel i5 Processor

Lenovo desktops featuring the 4th Gen Intel Core i5 processing chip pack a powerful punch in a relatively small package. Most of these Lenovo computers with the Intel Core processor offer a slim profile that takes up very little precious real estate on your workspace while still offering superior performance.

How many cores does the Intel Pentium 4 processor have?

The majority of 4th generation Intel Core i5 chips are quad-core Intel processors with a minimum of 2.7 GHz, although some Intel i5 chips may be dual core. The 4th Gen Intel i5 processor or CPU is the component that is responsible for managing the processing power assigned to each task. A dual or quad-core Intel i5 CPU is able to assign more power to more demanding tasks and use less power for a less demanding task. The power of an Intel processor is measured in GHz. While there is no difference in power between a 2 GHz Intel CPU with a dual core and a 2 GHz Intel CPU with a quad core, the quad-core chip will be able to divide the processing power better between multiple tasks. A quad-core chip can run 4 tasks simultaneously and manage the appropriate processing power between each. So a 2 GHz quad-core chip will be able to multi-task faster than a dual-core 2 GHz chip.

How "fast" is this computer?

Even with a high-speed internet connection, files are only able to be downloaded as fast as the computer can manage. The GHz of the processor is one factor but how many GB of RAM the computer has is another. In some cases, you can increase the speed and performance of your computer by adding additional GB of RAM without increasing the GHz of your processor. In other cases, you can upgrade to a more powerful processor with more cores or a higher GHz and do the same thing.

What does this computer come with?

In most cases, unless otherwise stated, what is being offered is just the tower or what is often referred to as the "hard drive" and a power cord. Unless otherwise specifically stated, you will need to supply your own monitor, keyboard, mouse and any other peripherals you might need. In some cases, however, what you may be purchasing is an all-in-one unit that is essentially a monitor with all of the computer components built in.

What operating system does this computer use?

In most cases, Lenovo computers featuring the Intel Core 4th generation i5 processor will come pre-loaded with either Windows 7 or Windows 10. Be sure and read the description carefully, however, because in some cases the computer will have been wiped clean and will not come with an operating system at all.