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Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing a Lenovo Laptop Screen Bezel

The screen bezel is an important component of your Lenovo laptop. If the screen breaks, cracks, or has another problem, you can get your laptop back into working condition in time for that important meeting or even for a yoga class with a replacement bezel.

What is a screen bezel?

A bezel is the plastic frame that surrounds the edges of the screen on your Lenovo computer. This unit protects the edges of the LCD display and helps to hold it in place against the case of the computer. That way, you can open and close the device without catching the edges. The frame also offers stability and support, which helps prevent the top of your computer from bending.

What are some available features on bezels for Lenovo computers?

Most Lenovo frames are designed for full coverage. They extend all the way around the display of your laptop. Depending on your Lenovo model like the ThinkPad or the Yoga, they may also have two small notches on the bottom edge to accommodate the hinges. Other models have hinge covers. If your laptop has a built-in camera on the inside of the lid, the frame will include a camera port for visibility. Inside, there are generally mounting connectors that line up with corresponding ports on the lid of your computer.

What is typically included with a Lenovo bezel?

These frames can be purchased alone or with other accessories. Some bezels are sold as stand-alone unit; this is useful if you only need to replace the single part. Others come with the back cover for your computer, while still others include the keyboard cover. The option you choose depends on which components are damaged. You might also choose to purchase a coordinating bundle to ensure that the colors match.

How can you choose a screen bezel for a Lenovo?

Each Lenovo screen frame is engineered to fit a specific laptop model, so it’s important to choose the correct match. To narrow down your options, follow these steps:

  • Find your laptop model: Refine the search by choosing the options that are designed for your specific Lenovo model. Choose from options that are designed for the ThinkPad, Lenovo IdeaPad, Lenovo Yoga, and more.
  • Select a frame bundle: Choose a stand-alone unit, or opt for a model that includes a coordinating back cover, keyboard panel, or the cable connectors that you need to replace.
  • Choose a color: Select a color that matches the rest of your laptop frame. Choose from options including grey and black.

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