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Logitech Wireless Computer Keyboard & Mouse Bundles

Finding The Right Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Your keyboard and mouse are the main ways in which you can control and interact with a computer. When youre going to be spending so much time using them, it makes sense to pick the right ones. Choosing peripherals that work well for you, wired or wire-free, can really help to protect your wrists, back, and eyes from excessive strain.

Why Choose a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse?

  • Wireless keyboards work very well as part of an ergonomic workstation. The extra freedom to place it where you want makes it easier to sit at an appropriate distance from your screen. It also means that you can easily use your keyboard from a keyboard tray, helping you to sit in a more neutral position.
  • Wired keyboards and mice create extra clutter on a desk that might already be full of wired speakers, external hard drives and other accessories. Getting rid of the cables is a space-saving design choice that creates less clutter on your workstation than wired peripherals, so there are fewer cables to snag or tangle.
  • Depending on the connection method that they use, you can connect your keyboard and mouse combo to a lot of different devices. Even if your tablet or smartphone doesnt have a PS/2 port, you can sometimes find USB adapters to plug into a standard USB port.

Which Features Can I Look For in a Keyboard and Mouse?

  • Some wireless peripherals connect to your computer using a device plugged into the PS/2 port, while others use Bluetooth or a wireless connection to a USB device. Some laptops may not have a PS/2 port, but it means that you can save your USB inputs for all the other devices that need to use them.
  • Not all mice conform to the classic two-button optical mouse shape. Companies like Logitech make more specialized designs as well, including extra features like additional buttons or trackballs. The same applies to keyboards: a gaming keyboard might have keys set up specifically for games, while an ergonomic design might be designed to split in half for a more natural typing position.
  • Wired or wireless, spill resistance is a useful feature to have, especially if you like to have coffee at your workstation. A spill-resistant keyboard is better equipped to withstand stray liquids. This can be more effective with wireless keyboards as liquid can get in through USB inputs.
  • Choose a keyboard layout that works for you. Some come with more keys than others: a lot of smaller keyboards like the Logitech K810 get rid of the classic numpad found on full-size designs. Others might have special multimedia keys like pause and play buttons. You can often change the digital layout using your operating system options, but you cant physically add keys to the hardware.

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